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Custody in highland park, Illinois just outside Chicago following today's deadly shooting at a July 4th parade. Subject was taken into custody without losing is the police chief there. The man is identified as Bobby primo the third, 6 people were killed around 30 others injured as the gunman fired from a rooftop. This man was neither didn't stop. You know, you wanted to stop. Stop stop. It's just kept on going and he reloaded, whoever that person was and then he just continued to shoot. Officials are angry. It is devastating that a celebration of America was ripped apart by our uniquely American plague. Illinois governor JB pritzker. While we celebrate the 4th of July just once a year, mass shootings have become our weekly yes weekly American tradition. Some of the injured are said to be in serious condition. CBS News special report. I'm Steve futterman. 8 54. Two men from northeast D.C., one on a bike, one working in a fireworks stand were killed in a crash there late Saturday afternoon. D.C. police say the driver of a Silverado pickup truck was heading north on Minnesota avenue northeast approaching the intersection of nanny Holland burrows avenue when he suffered a medical emergency and lost consciousness. And at the same time, 70 year old Michael Hawkins Randall of northeast was riding a bicycle west on nanny Helen Burroughs, struck by the pickup that Silverado continued across the eastbound and westbound lanes and struck 64 year old Charles Jackson of northeast D.C.. He was working in that fireworks stand, both men died at the scene. The driver of the truck and a passenger were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Police would like to hear from you if you witnessed any of this. Hershel woody Williams, the last

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