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It's not just for youngstown. And cleveland it doesn't just stick into chicago pleads into everything oh cuyahoga county cleveland. Trouble county youngstown. They've all had their share of elected officials. All the towns that are on the locally cleveland Car ad cities corrupt. You know a car. I'm talking all right. I do shaker heights for. Yeah yeah they sing all these city names. Yeah it's like family guy joke right guy. Miss baseball so much league far is no more but the baseball heritage museum sits land the once sat at ohio stadium in columbus rockwell field. In kent at. I don't know no i didn't so Selby field a lot of ohio's were in delaware. Ohio is a little north columbus specifically the campus of ohio. Wesleyan i i would suspect ohio. Wesleyan has something to do with recordkeeping. That the they have three of the thirteenth spots in ohio. Say look up. Where delaware was on a map at the state of delaware but the city of delaware that resides within the state of ohio. Not the georgia that gets attacked by russia regularly but georgia the state and the united states. That's right right so Salou okay so we have college football talk on on the horizon. You brought it up You brought it up to me beforehand. We haven't gotten to it but yeah the last question. I was gonna ask you in my and tell me things. I was too lazy to read. Or you know how you feel about things. Michigan one in three is taken a one in three rutgers this weekend. Saturday harbaugh plans. I mean he w right he finally gets one one more w You know shannon's back there at rutgers so they have a chance to to get back you know they. They've they really haven't been successful since he left. And they were only successful when he was there You know failed running the nfl. Heads up You know he has tied in your tied in with the jerry. Sandusky scandal inappropriately. I mean a behavior. Jerry sandusky was inappropriately. It was inappropriate obvious obviously and paternal looking. The other way was problematic. But he didn't get the tennessee job because they loved him in and globe. He didn't have that cross. Overeating here. really have any liability in sandusky. so Put up a bunch of points against the team that he just left his as defensive coach. You don't hire state so Yeah they should be able to score points. I don't think michigan is lose to rutgers and be one in four bath the other topics that we should talk to talk about on. This would be our baugh at and we'll get to that on the other side. She's gentle jets territory.

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