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The music. Everyone welcome back to one life. Radio this is bernadette with junior and dr winters continuing our broadcast live from dallas texas on iheartmedia as well as km in southern california. Okay so dr nisha. When you're on the show back. I believe it was september twenty eighteen. We talked about cannabis and cancer. What do you want people out there. Listening to know about cannabis and cancer holy cow. And i mean think about how much has changed since then. I mean we're two and a half liter and the research is exploding. I almost wish. I could do a back and listen to that. I should go. Listen to the archives. 'cause i'm imagining a lot has changed since then i mean i think back even in two thousand eighteen. There was still so much taboo. And today if you are basically in the cannabis camp you're really an outlier. I mean we've learned that much about its application in so many areas From seizures too immune modulation to pain to sleep supports mental emotional wellbeing We've also come a long way with our epigenetics. So so for instance. I'm going to be very transparent for me. I have these sip. Toothy nine star three epa genetic kick up that makes me a little walkers when he hd is involved so. I don't personally tolerate it. Well in fact it you hear stories about people going cray cray and landing in the er it probably had with me some point but for me good old. Pure cbd really is a lovely way to call my nervous system. I left to take it before a presentation etc. There's people like my husband for instance who has a very good functioning at the genetic piece and and his family of a lot of mental illness. A lot of bipolar. A lot of other chronic conditions. This is actually a medicine for him when he feels really out of sorts Of course my world is a cancer patients. I don't find anything as well when you know the patients genetics and you know the type of pain patterns. They have and you get to get a sense of what they're looking for like. Are they wind asleep. Are they wind is still function. You can get so personalized with the blends of thc. You know the forms of it like do you want high. Pine warms with more mentally stimulating or more mercy. Informs with more senator ted and pain. Managing we've come a long way so now we can use these. What they call chemo bars and get very very specific overlaid on our personal genetics. To know exactly. What's going to help us or hinder anywhere along the way we no longer have to get. You don't have to be the. Oh my gosh. Remember in the nineties at a party. I had this experience. Well now you actually can no time to know how to how you're going to respond and what will work for you. Yeah and it's so interesting. There's so much information out there. My gosh it's it's a it's it's so hard to sort through all of it. Is i so important that we're talking about this. I mean this is the future of our health in like i said so. Many people's lives are in the balance. Health is the most important thing that we possess okay. So what about the ketogenic diet. Let's talk about that well again. I think we talked about. This is probably a good year and a half ago or more as well and you know have been replaced using a metabolic flexibility approach which means when we're metabolic flexible. That after a good night's sleep but at least thirteen hours away from eating food. You should be showing trace. Keaton like all of what we're made me to do. Our body should actually go in and out of burning fat and sugar as needed. But we've all gotten stuck in this sugar burning state for the past hundred fifty or experiments that we've been in Living under And that being said is much more difficult now for people to achieve that flexibility. So i always ask people You know if you can go a whole night's sleep out anything but water If you don't if you can go for hours without eating you don't get shaky or henry with skipping a meal. Then you're probably a pretty good metabolic flexibility but studies show that over. Eighty eight percent of us are not right so that tells me that. A lot of people have a lot of exploration to do that. Being said is not metabolic flexible and when we aren't we also are higher risk factors for all kinds of conditions all kind of chronic illnesses but in cancer specifically the also. Don't respond to our standard of care therapies. As well so the key tones create a bit of an extra stressor to the cancer cell while in bolden and strengthening the healthy cells. So it's like a almost like a trojan horse that drives whatever treatment of choice. You're doing be it from standard of care or hybrid eric. Oxygen or even mistletoe. For that matter will hit. Its target much more effectively. When someone's in a state of this around metabolical metabolic state. Wow well you know what this morning i was. Just you know digging through my stuff. And just you know trying to get organized. I ran across And it's from it is from where the on it I can't find it. Let's see twenty fourteen. Dr twenty fourteen and it's called the intelligent optimistic a magazine that i picked up at in there. There was an article about steve newport. Mary newport i know you know the story. Oh we've we've talked about it on the air before so quickly. Let's take a minute and just talk about the genyk diet and alzheimer's yeah. My gosh between. Mary newport's work of a physician who basically stabilize her husband's very aggressive alzheimer's condition and kept him very stable and even improved upon his condition. For many many years before the disease really kinda did take over and consume him. She's got a very compelling story and history and started making a lot of people think about the use of the two thousand fourteen but it was even before that of its use in our logical disorders. I mean ketogenic diet was started to be used as a therapy for pediatric populations in the nineteen twenties for epilepsy. So we'd known is how good brain of act right so right. Why would you not just make that leap and try it. It's not gonna cause harm and boy howdy if someone has a brain injury. Brain tumor a secondary like to the brain. Alzheimer's dementia neurological symptoms of any kind. Especially things like i would be. I think it's malpractice at this point that we're not recommending a ketogenic diet for the population absolutely and Mary newport actually was on the show back a few years ago. And i remember the first conversations that i had with dr joey antonio The he is the co founder of the international society of sports nutrition and how he was the first one that really introduced me to the ketogenic diet One life radio was the first media source talking about it. Openly and the benefits of it as you know therapy for for things like alzheimer's and cancer and metabolic You know Disaster human body but yeah and the metabolic approach to cancer. So i'll i mean gosh. I could just talk for hours. Wouldn't that be nice so much to talk about. But i'm looking at the clock. We i'm looking at the clock and i gotta go to break but dr nation. Thank you so much for jumping on the air with us today. Everyone dr natio- winters you can find her at. Dr dot com have a great day and thanks again thanks. Everyone take care all right you too. Everyone check her out. Dr natio- dot com. We've got greg glazer coming up. He is the general counsel for the physicians for informed consent. 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