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I will say karl uh eh it look i i totally agree i think the diamondbacks regained racine but they also they run the risk of being a lot like the pirates were in what was a two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen where they were at the end of the those two seasons you could make the case that the pirates are the best team in the national league right and yet they had to go through the wildcard game the one clip seemed to madison bumgarner and jake arrieta and you diamondbacks would have to get through that one game coin flip carl yeah all right i'm are going to opt out of research to write a goal in evolution from the strike and ninety four two wildcard of ninety five nucleus ken griffey round on the pace and you're right pirates twice by an allnew turtle pitching performance kyko did it thank you stadium uh can ruin the best team this season real quick uh but guy the back how probably worth it in an interesting great they have a little too that staff and i think it given the way he's pitching right now one game while acquired having zach right you'd be able to thrill probably put you on the same level as arietta work bumgarner rolling into way into a wild tense like feel good i not that i and i agree with him talk the judea martinez acquisition i think that's exactly what the angels were open they were going to get it when they picked up often it stretches that lineup out its security and it was a little bit of a scare when go schmidt went back to uh to the examined and the good news is it was wondering they think that's gonna amount to anything that uh the idea now that you have those two guys are not line up with what also it's a really good defense if he'd been stance because i pick a little overshadowed uh cuts those are the things that work in the post season to get pitching and you get defense and now you're out jd martinez to go it gold ingots ammanbased guys it's up.

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