Roma Downey, Twitter, Antonio Brown discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Now I don't have the actual Roma Downey tweet here I I I don't quit I don't click on Twitter links are just I'm telling I have such a rising resentment for this for this outfit and what's happening to the whole concept of news and information because of Twitter I just don't click on and I know all I know women out liar but I'm not going to change if you ever see me start tweeting folks it's time to call a man in a little white coach that drive a little yellow bus Hey just ain't not I made some interesting weather has become the enemy of not just laziness but reliance on the absolute at present of expertise Twitter has is a bunch a hearsay and uninformed opinion that now has taken the place of informed public opinion that's how the media uses it reading some some sports story on Antonio brown the other day and this story contains as evidence for one side of the story what some anonymous person on Twitter thanks be no different than picking a name out of the old phone book can call number what do you think about one twenty and writing the response of as though it's a justified source when all I can tell me brown as it did in fact Antonio brown is the object lesson may be the very first athlete who has destroyed his career on Twitter because it's exactly how he did it he destroyed his career on Twitter yeah yeah the rate you know sometimes I just can't avoid injecting my personal reactions of Roma Downey tweets I.

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