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Because I don't know what Sam Donald is. I have to pick I have to paint. You didn't put that. But that had nothing to do with the regime that was here. They didn't draft this kid. They didn't put the crap around him. That's been around in the last three years. This year specific, okay? He got one free agent period. So so, So he's going to be called a failure with Sam Darling because he had one free agent period that didn't work out. No, I'm not saying that Bob say it's on him. It's on him more than Trevor Laurence, right, but this is the worst coach in football. Don't think you would argue. Otherwise, he is the worst coach in football he had He has no imaginative ideas at all, except to give the ball to Frank Gore. 30 times. Jimmy Jimmy, I am with you. Okay, So I think we're you. But you cannot tell me that the Jets future is better than it was a week ago. Better I'm saying I'm ruined just again. Everybody, what is going on? So the point is, I had any belief that you know what Fine this team still has a chance to succeed. You would have thought the Jets were like disbanded to the XFL. Everyone was immediately depressed after said Sunday at 7 30. You realize that right? Yeah, but I'm trying. I am here to uplift your I understand that. But the but the problem is is that I have a quarterback who's going into his fourth year. You know what's coming up soon? His payday. I have no idea what to give. Him. I have no idea what he is. And drafting. Trevor Laurence would not on Lee have given some goodwill to this organization, which has none. It would have reset the clock on paying a quarterback so you can allocate your funds in other places which need funds to be placed there. Can you hold that same Donald Doesn't have to pay Sam Donald $30 million In a year, probably because that's the going rate for a quarterback in this league, but he's in his third year. He's gonna be in his fourth year, something. Why not punt on a quarterback until next year? You're not forced to take a quarterback. You know that. I understand that. But you're the interview. Tell. Are you trying to say that if the Jets were picking one that they would not have taken from her lines? You know what I'm trying to say is my point. Is that okay? The jet that they have the number two pick in the draft. Is she right? You don't your future is that ruin and said you could take? No, They're not gonna take it. They're not going to take a quarterback. They're probably gonna treat. They're probably gonna treat the Petrie down and get more pixie dust. That's what that doesn't solve The problem I have with this quarter back. Look, I have a giant conundrum of the fact that like he's going into his fourth year, I have no idea what he is. And now which ever coach It takes this godforsaken job has to immediately come here and reboot Sam Darnell's. That's his number One priority is to reboot this quarterback and how many coaches want to come here and take on the The problem of rebooting this kid in his fourth season. Like you're gonna have you're gonna have you know exactly what you're gonna have. You're gonna have a met Nagy. Mitch Strabinsky situation where Matt Maggie came in. It wasn't his guy. He had to totally rebooted from the ground up and look how that worked out. I think it's different. In what way? Because one the Bears had playoff expectations. The judge do not Right and two. That was a guy that was drafted by the current GM Ryan Pace, who wanted in the worst way possible to have to be right. He wanted to be right. You can't he gave he wanted every opportunity possible for Mitch to Bay City to to be good, and to make him look like a genius. And guess what? That I'm with you, man. Maggie, he couldn't figure out how to get Mitch to basically going the right way met Maggie was so desperate to take a head coaching job. That's the kind of guy I'm gonna get. I'm gonna get somebody like Adam Jase, who was so desperate to take a head coaching job because he was worried that people are going to forget about him. Now I'm gonna be stuck with a guy Joe Douglas to hire the right guy. Nobody's gonna want this job now, Ryan. That's the point. I'm trying to make sure nobody's gonna want this job when they have to reboot this kidneys, 40 and 50 year. Again. You He could be a postal different. You don't have to do anything. This year you can decline is what I eventually have to make the decision to pay him or you could do next year when you have a bigger, simple again. I'm with you this year. You can take zero evaluation of Sam Donna because everything writings crap. The coach thinks that's not necessarily fair or true. But okay. Outside of Memes when he's been healthy has turned to you and you want it, But part of it is Sam Donaldson. I agree. Do do you want to get somebody started Spence and Sam Donaldson for 300 yards. Lot. I know Yes, probably about 15 21. We're in a league where everybody throws for their 100 yards every week. But again, that's part of its on the coaching parts on him, Right. Right. Let's go on everyone because they've ruined him. Don't have to panic this year. Do something you feel you forced to short. I'm not panicking. I don't want them to treat down. My point is there's so much here to build on just outside of the court acquisition that guess what Have you got chamber warns this guy is gonna get a hell of a lot of help. I understand that and no one was arguing the fact that they've Trevor Laurence was drafted here that everything would be immediately turned around. Nobody argued that. Well, nobody argue again. Nobody with a sensible right mind argued that maybe it's my fault for, you know, viewing Twitter as the voice of the Jets you please don't. But I'll say this. There was a lot of upset Jets fans know, of course, people were upset because they think they just lost it on John Elway and Peyton Manning. I am here. To show you that it takes a lot more than just drafting guy..

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