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Best selling author Pit master world champion with both the Jack and American Royal in his trophy case for his team smoking hogs out of abject in Massachusetts, Bill Gillespie, Welcome to WGN. Thanks, Jane. Happy T O be here looking looking forward to talking a little barbecue with you. It's great to take a little time on your Memorial day, which is one of those holidays. Of course, For all those great reasons, recognizing the sacrifice of men and women in uniform, but the way we celebrate Oftentimes with food and with barbecued Now, Webber is it's really like our hometown team. And you have been one of those great ambassadors for the Smoky mountain for all the people that are listening right now, looking at that cattle In their backyard and fill him in on the smoky mountain. What is it? What is it about that that they will love? What will they appreciate? And what is it that you love about it so much? I mean, for one. It's the price point it Zaveri affordable for the backyard guy. And and also it's you know, the it's used in competition pretty widely. It's it's In my opinion. It's pretty easy to use. You know, As soon as you fired up, you get your temperature way. You want it and just two events, and basically it sits there then. You know, probably maybe 10 or 15 degrees plus or minus And I mean it's It's pretty rock solid. You know, As far as smokers go, you think about the books that you've done best selling books and often times Weber. The Smoky Mountain is front and center in it, but one of the things that we love about you, Bill Gillespie is is just like so many of the people that are listening that just started out in loving barbecue wanted to make better barbecue. Whether it's in their backyard. Very few people ever get to the biggest stages on the competition side. Like you did. But before you got into writing the books and all that, like share with the listers like, How did it all start for Bill Gillespie? So Yeah, well, we're gonna undercooking started at the young age, my backyard with my dad cooking on untold Weber Kettle grills cooking with charcoal and stuff, And then it just kind of progressed from there like as I get older. You know, I go away on the weekends go camping with my buddies and you know I'd end up being the cooked. We cook over an open fire or whatever, and it's just kind of kind of evolved from that. And you know, I slowly get into competition Barbecue and, you know, I had a non opportunity to write a few cookbooks and and here we are. That's kind of the The reader's Digest version of it, I guess right, Well, I mean, I guess right. It's an entire career like in a moment, and there's some of those moments that were pivotal in there. And, of course, those great career highlights. You know, with those top championships now, the book the most recent book, Because I think if you not only as you know, a champion in the pit master and author, but also kind of an educator, and a lot of different ways in this book is hot and fast barbecue on your Weber Smoky mountain. And for listeners out there, they're gonna say like, Hey, You know what? We've just been here in low and slow for barbecue forever. People are listeners on the competition. Signed know that Han fast for last few years has been one of those things that has been doing very well, and people are curious about it. So I kind of feel people in Bill if you can, like what is hot and fast, so hot and fast. In my opinion, it's basically anything over 300 degrees cooking. You know between that You know, 304 100 degree area and you know it's a lot different from low and slow loan so you can just kind of like, said it. Forget it. Just let it sit there and do its thing with the higher temperatures. She gotta be a little bit more kind of aware of what's going on because things can Go crazy and a matter of moments, so you kind of you know you constantly look, and I know what one slow. It's like, taboo. You don't you don't look when you're cooking, right, right? And but with hot and fast, it Z part of the process, You know, you kind of if you're cooking a brisket, hot and fast or ribs, hot and fast, for example, you know? You want to be looking at it? You know you're cooking at 3 25 3 50. You're you're moving stuff around. You have your water pan in there like a small water trade and moving things around and just sort of making sure that things aren't gonna like urn on you and whatnot. So it's ah You know, you have to be kind of aware of what you're doing. And I think this book is going to help people with that. You know that process if they're a little nervous about getting into the hot and fast cooking, I think this book is definitely gonna help me. It's a little bit. It's like, risk and reward, right. But they're in good hands with you because you've been there. You know what to do. And one of the rewards. You know, the risk is you gotta pay attention a little bit more. The rewards his time right because you can create things that are competition level quality, certainly like hero of the backyard. And to do ribs. Let's say in like 2.5 hours, brisket in a little over four hours. I know there's people listening that thinks that's not possible. But it is right. Bill absolutely is possible. You know, I mean, you can You can throw a brisket on at noon time. And yet you're eating dinner at six o'clock, you know? Wow. So it Zraly nice for people that don't have the time T do low and slow. You get Justus Good of Ah, end product hot and fast as you do low and slow this book, and you've written a lot of books. It is a beautiful book. Talk a little bit about it. The photography in it. You've got one of the top photographers in in all of photography, and so you really assembled You know you've got yourself Bill Glass be world champion. But you've got an a team on the book side to absolutely Paige ST Publishing. You know, they've been awesome to work with Ken Goodman Photography. He's done all my books and he is an absolute magician. When it comes the food photography. I mean, he's he's taking what I'm cooking my finished product and he's you know, turning it into these masterpieces, and he's absolutely amazing to watch and You know, the whole process with was awesome. Um, you know, West started writing it last summer last late spring early summer, And I mean last year, you know, with with covert and all that it was the perfect opportunity for me to write a book As I was working from home, I had Time kind of throughout the day here in their tea. Oh, You know, toe do some recipe testing and you know, it actually brought my love of barbecue back to an even higher level. If you can believe it really, absolutely does. What a great TV K government..

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