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The covers a magazines than how they will not the fool out of her and we haven't seen her since she was carrying the sport for awhile even above all with the men that's the one thing with that star power the you're going to need this star power in boxing but they're still unknown names triple jia cannella alvarez alvarez outside of boxing fans outside of five fans really are still unknown names i don't give a gift five rounds of fury if i get it in this blood on the floor at gaza going out that i think we all can live with it but that's the one thing missing right now conor mcgregor is that star guy in the fight game boxing mma when he comes back he's going to bring a lot of attention with them right now he's the only guy that's doing that crossing all kinds of platforms we'll sports on a troubled box is gonna be what it is in the may us he's going to be what it is i love a teddy alice will breakdowns felt like he eichel when he can yes being boxing alice especially talked about cannella alvarez and the maturity that he's bringing into despite they waited two years and what happened always thirty five years old he go up and i think i've seen at the kawhi maybe it's not even a quite where was kinda like what was it a vase wailua poll pact that cardinal and you'll see it's not a what is it is see a guy who's one dimensional a guy who was beat a lotta jeweler little weights to get that reservoir taken away who go up you know he's a destructive guy he's the favourite in this fight but the fight as much closer than a what lodge so that it was two years ago i certainly hope so because the sport deserves it i certainly hope so because i star power among the casual fan is not there outside economy gregor curb jackson twitter says friday thank you were talking about boxing on the show much appreciated but boxing all sport is in great shape i agree it's a better safe than it has been especially the last five to ten years kirk but a fight like tomorrow night could go a long way in pudding boxing in better shape that's when a.

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