President Trump, Governor John Kasich, Michelle Obama discussed on Glenn Beck


It's time Dave Anthony Fox News. The States will do it on a virtual roll call. If we have any hope of ending this chaos we have got to vote for Joe Biden. First lady Former first lady Michelle Obama on the first night of the convention were facing the worst public health crisis in 100 years. And the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and Bernie Sanders. President Trump is making it worse, leading us down the path of authoritarianism. Republican joined them badmouthing the president, former Ohio Governor John Kasich. He's unlike all of our best leaders before him, who work to unite us to bridge our differences. Tonight. Former President Clinton will be among those speaking remotely. Fox News Radio's democracy 2020 coverage of the Democratic National Convention will be live tonight. Starting at 8 P.m. Eastern, Download the Fox News APP clicked toe. Listen live. The president called John Kasich, a loser and he tweeted to Michelle Obama that her the job or husband did put him in the White House, calling the Obama Biden administration the most corrupt in history. The president will go to Iowa today that Arizona after visits to Wisconsin and Minnesota yesterday, where he again claims of the China plague will fade. But we will not forget what the Corona virus just keeps getting deadlier. Fox's seven Brown is more live they have the Centers for Disease Control now estimates that by the first week in September, there could be as many 200,000 deaths in the U. S. Due to covert 19 since the pandemic began earlier this year that would put Corona virus just behind heart disease and cancer as a frequent cause of death. More people will die of it this year in the U. S than from flu or diabetes. More than 1000. People have been dying from it each day for the past three weeks, Dave No, I have a New Jersey was hit hard early in the outbreak. It's seen a slight rise in cases again. Governor Phil Murphy blames those not wearing masks or distancing, calling them knuckleheads. America's listening to Fox News. Staying connected continues with 1061 FM TALK UNC Chapel Hill will shift from in person instruction toe online learning beginning tomorrow. Mitch Evans reports following the discovery of four Corona virus clusters on campus this past weekend Chancellor Kevin M. Gus Kel, it's announced the change on Monday afternoon. Undergrads were currently living on campus will have the ability to change their residential plans for the fall semester without penalty. Also courses for the graduate. Sessional and health affairs. Schools will continue to be taught as directed by those schools. I'm Mitch Evans. Today it will be a fresh start for students across the state who are blocked from online learning. Yesterday, a glitch in the cloud portal temporarily blocked some students and teachers from being able to get online. The company says service was restored by noon. Police are investigating the deaths of two men found in a burning home in Lincoln Tin officers say a man called 911 to tell police his son threatened to kill him with a machete. When emergency officials arrived. They found the home on fire with the sun dead inside. Another 20 year old man died after being rushed to Baptist Hospital, the FBI's assisting with the investigation A police chase overnight in Winston Salem ended in a crash and the death of a juvenile. They were one of several kids in the car fleeing from police. The driver also a juvenile, They say they hit a utility pole on Patterson Avenue. Carolina Hurricanes got off to a good start, but then fell apart in the third period, allowing four goals Final score last night for three at Siri's. Now 31 in Boston's favor at coach Rod Brenda more take the good always with this group has been mostly good for me for a year and a half, two years and you know, with the effort and Away. They play and I got to take the bad on this one wasn't good. We'll have to do better to survive. Boston can close out the serious with a win in Game five tomorrow. I'm.

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