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Dot org find proven treatment for opioid addiction the New York City police department is firing the white officer involved in the twenty fourteen death of a black man whose last gasps of I can't breathe prompted widespread outrage commissioner James o'neil says actions have consequences and the use of a choke hold on Eric garner was out of bounds the unintended consequence of Mr garner's death must have a consequence of its own therefore I agree with the deputy commissioner of trials legal findings and recommendations this clear that Daniel Pantaleo can no longer effectively service in New York City police officer says income nearly five years after the death of the forty three year old father of six the suspect in an assault on a woman in a condo in San Francisco he is expected to surrender to a warrant for a separate aggravated assault AGS Terry route support Austin Vincent ease in court for the hearing this morning San Francisco police issued a one hundred thousand dollar warrant for the twenty five year old in connection with an assault in February the victim in that case recognize him for the mug shot on the news police say Vincent armed with a knife to threaten to kill a woman who was waiting for a ride sure was some friends back in February they were all able to escape into the ride Cher and left the city police are also investigating other incidents to see events that is involved after additional victims came forward when they saw his booking photo cagey as Terry Rousey force her alleged attacker James vision has now been ordered to wear an ankle monitor now that the judge is seen the surveillance video he is again at that compliance hearing today we are following a big honor for undocumented immigrants in the bay area general reports a new elementary school has been named after he's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist aren't when he worked for The Washington Post and an author thirty eight year old Jose Antonio Vargas came to the U. S. from the Philippines when he was twelve in nineteen ninety three he lived in Mountain View with his grandparents and kept as illegal status a secret after learning about it when you try to get a driver's license but it's since become an advocate for immigration especially the dream act he told the students at the new Jose Antonio Vargas elementary that to him American means community we'll see you and make you feel whole Marcus is they beat out the likes of Barack Obama as a name for the school gym group Los Angeles.

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