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Hurt it gives it a hint of tartness in the taco blenders cumin coriander has onion flakes garlic flakes that brica saf lower what else and some heat and some here the taco blend do have some of them have but that is just to continue the continuation of the continued recipe from less continued week those who were standing by waiting by your radio right and as is traditional with salamat now that we've talked about the recipe i'm starving so i think when you think that would be a good time musical break so today's musical interlude is provided by an artist who goes by the label hello cycle epo is gentlemen of syrian background currently living in the us i think in the minneapolis area so hope you all enjoyed this is from an album that he released in two thousand seventeen so it's pretty new uhhuh till you herbie once she di wai di what i'm ali right in the middle of this semi psycho aleppo did this very track in the middle of this psychotic episode you know of of relatively progressive metallic electronic digital i don't know what to call this you tell me what can music is that i would call it electronic music electron not quite electric dance music but it's definitely parts of it are definitely edm returned to yards be when she had you i'm ali hassan it from a song from the forties of the lady's name escapes me but she says oh birds sing my love and serenade my happiness and hopes so that the ladies having a asking the birds to go out there and and do the singing to emulate the love that this lady is feeling so this is kind of a psych the acid rock now no no no i would just call it electron progressive electrons progressive electronic music was brought to you by hallo cycle epo cycle hypo syrian composer so it's he describes it as a project fusing arab heritage music and electronic sounds rare melodies of the bedouin mewa and choirs of old tara are carefully crafted with electronic solos and traditional old.

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