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Using the sample of wasted locker from the garment attack, that is the actual. The actual ransomware from the garment attack bleeping computer encrypted did a virtual machine. And tested the decrypt her to see if it would decrypt their files. He said in our test, the decrypt. Decrypt files. So Interesting was that the package received by bleeping computer included references to both the cyber security firm Ms Soft E.. M.. S., I S O. F T. R. M, m cysts, soft sorry. Emphasis soft, and the ransomware negotiations service cove wear. When bleeping computer subsequently reached out to cove where they were told that they do not comment on any ransomware incidents reported in the media. And similarly emphasise soft toll bleeping computer that they could not comment on any cases that they create decryption tools and are not involved in ransom payments. Brett callow a threat analyst at. Mc Soft said, I cannot comment on specific cases, but generally speaking emphasis soft has no involvement whatsoever in negotiating or transacting ransom payments. We simply create decryption tools. Okay. Now, that's interesting news. So it might seem odd for a reputable security firms such as m soft to to have anything to do with ransomware, but they have an interesting angle. As we know, the decryption side of the ransomware mess sometimes receives much less attention from the bad guys who need to create the decrypt her Dan, the encryption side. Consequently. The decrypt have tended historically to be buggy to crash or to for some reason, fail to fully undo the damage that they had originally done despite. Having, received a valid key. So that's where M soft comes in. They reverse engineer questionable ransomware decrypt. There's for which the decryption key is known. To create a more robust and reliable decrypt her for a victims systems. Emphasis soft ransomware recovery services, page states if the ransomware. If the ransom has been paid, but the attacker provided decrypt is slow or faulty. We can extract the decryption code and create a custom built solution that decrypt up to fifty percent faster with less risk of data damage or loss. So..

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