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Know have to stand by because we still go through this list, New York. John Vincent in the studio with us. As is Jen. Right jen's been posting a bunch of stuff Neil. This just run through some of the big quickly, and we can jump back into them. So gladiator was there again first time it's been a camp Jeep that was kind of interesting because we've got to see it a lot of the public now is right in Iran camp went through training to drive Cam Jeep is you had to go through a training. So I could drive it. And we set it up with with with Cam Jeep that I would drive vehicle around and Mike credential from FOX and friends and also mice of TV Ponta from the Fox Sports show was in the vehicle with me, and they left the gate open. And so I was like I'm just gonna take it out into the street. And they they knew I was going to do it. But he didn't. And he's freaking out in the security guards set up. Banging the cost screaming at me. Stop stop. We just drove into Times Square. It was it was funny to see Mike's like we action because he was petrified. We're going to get arrested by the security police, whoever they guys where it can. It was it was kind of I drove at a time square. People taking pictures of it in one in real life, by the way, do not drive Dr Jacob Javits center to time square because although it's like twelve blocks to forty minutes. It was horrible. Yeah. And you're the only non cab on the street. I was horrible. And plus I'm very like, I'm not an aggressive nasty driver. I'm I tend to like polite. I'm polite. I let people like I'm I'm might be. But I'm not, I'm polite. I'm pauline. I'll let people in. And that's a good. I've seen guys squeeze papain. I when I came from the apple in New York, I landed a JFK got picked up in in a car and driven the guy that was driving. I found this later in the trip but was NYPD homicide. Detective that was the driver that we had for the time. We were there like he was driving. So this guy's a police officer and he's driving around New York. He overtook a please call this license irons on. That's awesome. 'cause there was a gap on the right hand side through traffic. Please call was trying to get on the left hand side. He just took it like undertook, I guess, but it's a one way street over unto whichever swing around it. He they're blocking off bag struggling through traffic. Anyway, nukes those scary. Don't have a dry from Jacob Javits Senator time never use your turn signals a sign of weakness. Yes. I don't use your home. Exactly one of the one of the guys one of the guys on my team was going from way. Like like, he was in a cab somewhere somewhere going somewhere and the Yuba hit a guy on a bicycle who's living grub office is fine. It was fine way. That's New York. I mean, only only in New York could you be inside a cab or an Uber left or something and have his somebody else. Just it's it's a dangerous game crossing the street. Nieto's pretty dangerous, and it's fun but stainless for listening. I'm sorry. Keeping people a picture of what New York's like so I got to drive the gladiator for the first time ran Cam cheap. It's harder than it. Looks like Cam GPS a lot hotter than especially off Cam thing with vehicles like going up and down one side. The that's and the guys showing you how you have to stay right on the lines is often lines. You could come off the whole the whole structure. So he's you know, he's telling you laughter. Right. And all you can see his arms because you can't see your point. Yeah. She calls the road below. You just see him putting the camera in in this one doesn't didn't help you a metal. It's a little piece of metal. You have to drive over if anybody in the audience hasn't seen camp cheap. It's kind of an amusement park for GPS that they different outages. It's pretty awesome. And you just go to ride. It must be would just get to ride. It was like enough to drive it this new Highlander. This is interesting. It is interesting. Vehicle it. It's not hugely different. But it's built on the new platform. Everybody's everybody's evolution of acres mechanically the huge different because they're going to new platforms. But at the same time, it looks very much like, I if you had shown me this picture this vehicle without knowing the toadyism Highland each the badging off of the Toyota badge. Tony was Highland. It looks like one Genesis. Is it really I think? Couple of interesting things with the highlanders the Connor capacity is actually down compared the old one time for us to take a break.

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