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Them all another perspective as open door arose acl know an in when when the protests in canada uprising in everything was going on. Did you feel any kind of responsibility as a as an artist of major figure in the community as a very public but yet what did i feel it. Was you know my responsibility to tell everybody what you know. I was doing. What was part of a new. But did i feel some type of responsibility. Of course i did. I'm connected to my people. You know either way. I'm connected to my people him. Yeah i mean one of the things that this book made me think about is like when you come from a background of laxed rather you know doesn't say poverty but when you don't you don't come from a background of you know a lot of money and you find yourself very successful later on in life. I've always wondered you know how you kinda balanced the to like how you balance where you came from where you are now. I really think natural space for me and for one when you come from a like i said at the place and you didn't have a lot of assistance so that's not a lot of you. Don't you really don't feel a lot of responsibility towards anybody else so anything that that comes naturally so what comes. Natural to me is every chance. I get you know with everything that i connect with. Let's make sure we. We showed that. Love so i have those same connections to my city firm different states. You know it's just that should just come naturally shit. You got a highlight your what i'm saying but When you most definitely come to like they like they doing on the crate challenge. When you don't to every step of the goddamn crates you know this face somebody yet and you know when somebody really needs some assistance and you know when somebody else right over. They're gonna make it over the hump. They may just not knowing you understand song. You can be a part of everything which e longest you wish. You could go space speaking of the the earlier days. You talk about making the decision so it's gonna leave a football scholarship. Leave that past behind and move. Florida would be rapper..

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