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Yeah, whatever. I've enjoyed watching him, and I've enjoyed watching for years. So I've one loss, bite of the cherry, perhaps. How great would it be if Frankie's dancing around in the winter's enclosure again? If he goes and wins on him. I've got a way to bow out if he does it. I'd love to see that. Absolutely fantastic. I did say baid earlier on with Dave. But actually, I'm going to do a crazy Ivan. And not change in the race, but say dragon symbol. So just want some desperately to win a group one, and I think this could be the opportunity for them to go and do it. Yeah, they keep eating each other this season, but he's the one who consistently runs his race. So hopefully, hopefully this is his time. And he can win. The typical British champion 6, which we will be proving previewing even. I could use my mouth words correctly. You had some intro to the final four on haven't you? An hour late. And then not able to talk. And taking the piss out of you at every opportunity. But in fairness, you did open the door for me, so thanks very much for that. Pure gold Lizzy gully, which is why you're so much fun to work with on talk sport. And also glad to get you on the final following as well. And with the jump season now kicking in to full swing, please God will get to chat to you again. Very, very soon. And not be so late next time as we chat big stories with deviates will actually turn up on time. Yeah, and I promise not to describe any more. Chases. Just as you were saying that Internet went like I said, I promise not. Anymore nationals is just long three more chases. It was just a typical Irish man. Lizzy Kelly, I actually quite keen to talk to you about your career in the sad as well. And another point in time, particularly after that fantastic documentary on sky the fall. Because I think that that's something that is something that bears repeating as well. And I know that it was a tough decision for you to walk away, but at the same time, hey, you're a mom now, so congratulations. And you get to do all the great work on talk sport. So which is absolutely epic, and you are commentating that day when started various one because I was covering it on the talk sport too and got to hear your excitement with them. With mister Rupert bell, who, of course, you constantly take the absolute piss out of which makes me love you even more. Pleasure, chatting racing with you. And very much looking forward to chatting more racing with you in the future, Liz Kelly stay safe and we will talk to you again soon. Perfect. All right, see them. Stay safe. You too. Oh, Lizzy Kelly, it absolute rockstar and so many quotable moments from that show. That's a thoroughly enjoyed working with Lizzie. You can hear more from those on talk sport and talk sport too, where we work together the show is Wednesday to Saturday from one p.m.. I hope you've enjoyed it. Also, reminder that as the jump season is about to kick in, but also as we still have champions day to come. And the November handicap. Yes, the jockeys championship will be settled, but there is a small matter of the November and the gap. There's the small matter of the virgin for charity. There's the breeders cup. All of these things to come. So pro form only for final furlong podcast listeners are giving their first discount for more than a year. It gets you 8 weeks access to all their tools for half price and it includes the professionals form book, visual race guides, the bet lay and trader finder web app, which are all widely used by some of the most successful and biggest name betters traders, backers and layers in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. And for that matter, some of the tipsters, journalists, racecourse commentators, racecourse TV presenters, biggest names that you know love and respect. Some of whom are on this very show, all use pro forma as two breeders and the biggest trainers in the business..

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