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It's pretty simple for the lining. They want to keep winning so they can get the highest possible seed in the central Division. The Lightning are also playing some pretty good hockey of late and want to continue that heading into the playoffs, usually with four games remaining in the NHL season games might not have the same intensity. As earlier in the year. That shouldn't be the case. Tonight's who comes out on top, We'll find out next. It's the lighting and stars and it's happening right here on letting radio And this is the leading radio pregame report. Good evening, everyone Glad you're with us. We're getting you said for the Tampa Bay Lightning in Dallas stars. I am Greg Lynn, Ellie. Tampa Bay closed out a weekend back to back set against Detroit with a to one victory at Little Caesars Arena. On Sunday. The Lenny extended their point streak to six games, their third longest point streak of the season. Also closed out the regular season. Syria's against Detroit with a 52 and one record, including 21 and one at Little Caesars, the Lighting R 71 and two in Detroit since the start Of the 2016 2017 season. This game was about Christopher Gibson. He made his second start this year and second career start with Tampa Bay, and he stopped 22 of 23 shots the earnest first win in the NHL. Since March, 20th of 2018 He was solid, especially on these shots. The loss. He walks it across the line in line.

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