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The Rooster's working in the Angels organization. We have obtained some sound of recent conversation that Tony LaRussa had with Mike Trout. Take a listen What time is it? It's for 34 30, who incinerate for 30 families should be called the five. Now we've got to catch the early bird. It's only between 4 36. Yeah, they give you a tenderloin, a salad and a baked potato for 95. You know what that costs you after six. It's exorbitant. It's outrageous. That's LaRussa telling Mike that we've got to go to dinner. Now. We got to go to dinner. There are things That Tony LaRussa should be doing you guys that you know, late seventies? Yes, guys in the late seventies. There are things you should be doing. You want to be a starter and a golf course. Yeah, It's a perfect on the first heat. You want to be saying two gentlemen, this is a 412 yard par for I would keep the ball on the left half of the fairway. You don't want to right side a tree's gonna black You 90 degrees on the fairways as I mean, I'm doing when I'm 76. Guys, Please repair your ball marks on the Reen rake the sand traps when you can rake the sand traps can't do it right now, Right? That's what you should be doing. You should be the Ranger going around, Gentlemen, we're going to need you to pick it up your whole behind. Pick up the pace. You're holding pace your whole behind. He'd be great at that. Hey, look, it's tone in the Russo Take a picture here in the Hall of Fame yet, guys, they're about a whole behind. So let's pick up the pace, okay? That's the job. That's the job. No. Or you put a blue vest fan you say. Welcome. The Wal Mart. You become a board member at the Boca Vista? Yeah, you goto Walmart do 1000 other things but try to manage Major League baseball. Open up if you're not embracing the numbers card. Yeah. Open up an arts and crafts store somewhere. I don't know. I mean, you know, there's a whole bunch of other things run an antique shop. That's if that's better. Or the master of the antiques. I remember this. This is a rotary phone, young man. You could still utilized today just for show. We used to have a rotary phone in my house. We had one. Of course, we know that when we were kids in my house that I have now, really, we had a rotary phone and it was like a throwback. Oh, dialect, like usually you bought it at Pottery Barn or something just to kind of have up their young kids coming. That's wild. What the hell's that They would know what to do with it, But I think there's a video of that even that they show kids. Young kids like this hall and they look at it. They don't know what that's that's gun. Viral on social media. That's pretty funny. I heard this the other day during the This's that Tony LaRussa calling the bullpen is fax manager later this season. Those Jerry tapes that hoody and cap got ahold of.

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