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A badge note the rollout of customer three sixty platform The idea of viewing your customer with that three three hundred sixty degree view. I feel like blockchain is the perfect kind of You know piece of this that like I feel like we all you know feel like we know our customers pretty well and you know. They're when they're using our technology or whatever it is her buying our products and we have a pretty good idea but something like botching the fact that it is immutable the fact that it it brings in a layer trust. It really feels like you know to me in this topic topic of identity that we've touched on a little bit that with with blockchain. Were now going to have much more power as as technology leaders as CEOS house to really see. What's going on to see both your own internal employees in your customers? I'm curious in those conversations Adam as you're talking to other. CEO's as you're we're talking to technology leaders. I know that there's a lot of excitement around blockchain and kind of a lot of confusion What are some of those other kind of hesitancy to use it? What are some of the reasons that people are kind of You know not really seeing the value here when it kind of seems like we. We all know that you know ten years from down the line. It's going to be important. But maybe they say hey over the next three years blockchain's not gonna be a priority because we're just gonNA kick the CAN. Yeah sure so. Bill where we're really investing in seeing opportunity in demand from our customers in permission blockchain will we mean by that is it's not completely publicly available not anyone can just access the blockchain Siada dated because when we're talking about the enterprise company data is critical. So that's where there were playing so it's not an open it. therion is a network of companies that were enabling to come together and share information between them or like ASPCA share information between institutions. Also extend that be to see to the end customer to the student which we love your point about customer three sixty were all about enabling you you company institution to get closer to your end customers and so that network effect we feel is really really powerful so one of the big hesitancy to companies in his willingness to participate network with their suppliers vendors and customers partners is sort of they fear asserted. This data will be out there in the wild and so we say hey. Wait a SEC. No no we actually can control who has access to the data and this is one of the really innovative thank salesforce as working working on which is is not just private in this network of companies but it can be opened up this data that data this object that object it can be opened up permanently late to an individual to another company it can be opened up just for a certain amount of time and so that is really powerful and that that gets say sort of relax lacks okay okay okay. Data secure passed it and can only be shared where we wanted to share. I think that's a big thing that sort of you know getting people to to slow roll roll adoption. I think the second thing is incentives so watching is not just about the technology. Let's say we saw the technology and we still have all these challenges of like like you and we're talking about identity and some of the really complex things anytime you're building. Networks and companies are coming together. This is not natural competitors working together the other suppliers and benders working together and it sort of an equal relationship not one dominant sort of dictating however also play into network. So you get to things that are non technical uncall- so you get to governance. WHO has a right to add other network so if at eleven Arizona State or when a partner with other institutions who says Oh that the other university yeah let's let them network or that other up is going to you know have course gonNA consume some of this education? Let's let them into the network so you could say it's all all open but the governance around adding that additional company or security rules or even in a network where there's payments happening between parties. WHO GETS paid eight? How do they get paid to play? Who pays the blockchain who pays for this network that all gets really complicated? And it's non technical helping companies with those things also really really important and also slows adoption because companies have to come together. Really think about this stuff. Do you feel like Your peers and other. CEO's does technology leaders are have some reservations about this and might And might be on the fence about about using blockchain and like why that might be you know an education You know our community of CIO's Are you know as a breed of surely curious about Oh to new technologies and I think you know as a community of practice drawn to education because it's a it wonderful opportunity privilege in many ways to to try and even to fail without the consequences that are important to CEO's in a corporate setting I workout. You're can come at a significant price. Personal ad the organizational and so again I think as I've been sharing the work that we're doing and and actually just a couple of weeks ago we were in Chicago. I the big higher education gathering. And you know we had a standing room only audience. There was a huge huge amount of interest in actually tackling questions like many. Did Adam actually just outlined related to governance and distracts me that I you know. It's such a more interesting problem to solve for and figuring out how to use blockchain supply chain. I'm not saying that's not important. There's not a lot of money to be had there. But the the problem Problem of figuring out how to build out a trusted learner network that involves and supports the privacy that we know You know students have an untitled into rights you under federal law figuring out how they give permission to which organization other individuals for objects in their learning portfolio. How we actually at facilitate overall learner's success rather than barriers to transfer as we talked about earlier in time together other those are things that CIO's and higher education seems to be really interested in and we've made a commitment that here it is to actually get a whole bunch of us together and I don't mean and just the is but also the Department of Education and some important fellow travelers in the corporate world and we of course that includes salesforce to come together to start? Aren't really working on on the network piece of it. Now that we have a series of proof points some of which now we're actually moving into production as soon as general availability or or. The cloud is made known to the public and my favorite my favorite military military commander General Availability Service. It's joke Yeah I you know we. We've actually had an episode on On blockchain for for supply chain and It's quite literally in the name. It's a chain. So what's funny I think is. We've gotten so good at supply chain in and now it's like you know. Obviously it's the next it's A. It's an obvious use case. It's it's the next step for for supply chain to be able to track skews across different from companies and all that stuff is fascinating episode But I'd agree with you that you take something like education where it's so critical and so obvious and to the to the student. They are just perplexed. Like I can tell you you know from the first hand experience of my fiance taking you know whatever testing out of English in high school and then having a PT school be like hey you never took English in college and it's it's like how could you not know that you're like isn't this all connected like how would you not know that those individual things that happened to the student. It's your life and it prevents prevents you from doing from point at Grad School from getting a job from showing a certification It prevents all sorts of things from happening quite literally early due to a technical error. You know these are a lot of times human beings you know that are sitting in front of a computer trying to amazing work. That don't know that you know. Introduction to psychology is the same as foundations of psychology I'm curious love when you're talking about you know down to the individual student. Is this something thing that they're gonNA see. Are They GonNa know that that you have you know blockchain technology that is supporting them in these efforts or is this something that You you know the world goes on and nobody knows nobody is is the wiser although maybe a little bit just from you know it's the normal can like the Internet working. Yeah I mean the the answer is absolutely an. I'll just reflect them. Something shared earlier. Our whole goal is to put the learner at the center of everything. So let me give you a real quick quick use case a lot of students in the country of begin their higher education journey in the community college and the vast majority of them actually aspire to coming coming to universities and many many. Don't finish their two year a degree before the actually apply to a university and then they get to a University of Arizona State University the city and along the journey without knowing Because actually we don't know what they took really before we're not really watching wants them to what they took before they got here and the community college pretty much goodbye when they actually get admitted to. ASU But using the blockchain And with permission of the Learner we can keep deep a sharing of the ledger of the courses that students taking she's year at Asu and actually get her two year degree while she's on the journey here at the issue and whether she finishes issue or actually you know unfortunately perhaps doesn't finish. She's got a credential she. Can you know she exit higher education with an and hopefully it inspires her because she actually does get an a degree while she's here at the finish for your degree And again the the Learner's perspective I really don't think we're ever going to call you know. Watch the magic of blockchain and action working for you It's going to actually part of our engagement work. We have a very successful and Dan Mobile APP environment and for for learners. They're gonNA see a view to what they're taking what the prerequisites are what they've accomplished. What again? What opportunities there are for a job after they take a set of of courses are actually hopefully Through better Machine learning actually be able to provide a tuning Of the course of courses that they need to be taking to be successful in the workplace overtime as we get the workforce community engaged in this the distributed ledger.

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