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Time. It's not too bad. But there's always. Is is wrong activity or stone vehicles and labor. I feel safe. My daughter out of your playing. I just feel like. Light right here. Maybe moral presidents because. Happens. Donkeys increasing. Maybe increased drug activity along these streets at all. I don't think it's the drugs. I think it's just the people over all, you know. This. This spot a bad neighborhood, though. You know, it's not run down doesn't look bad. Beleza need those my bad people and this morning earlier this morning when the officer was shot. Did you hear anything did you? Yeah. I heard. I heard. I just heard like, you know. This that bang. You know didn't know it was it sounded like someone was like hitting something. And then that's all I heard and then like five minutes later year sirens and everything getting. That's what I heard the most of the fire department and all the noise. Really loud. Then I didn't know what happened until I came out here officer shot. Yeah. Yeah. Do that shoot a police officer? You know, you must be willing to Andrew light because you can get shot in the process or. I don't know how you could kill someone. You can.

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