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Is album covers with demarcus and as demarcus. Ad andrew as the hawk is still history franchise. When i think no limit soldiers. I definitely think drew holiday. Yes i gold tank. Man is there. We're forgetting here in. His discussion. Exerted dr core team. That makes sense like we talked about. The lakers is golden state. The possibility possibility like do you think there's a real asset there that make sense that they would be able to trade off so it'd be two things so it'd be the picks would be the big carrot there so you'd want the number two in probably the wolves pick the following year and you have to wonder if new orleans considering how many at the lakers draft picks they have. Is that really like what they're after. Although most of those lakers picks will probably be later in the draft. So if you're thinking about just in terms of value like maybe those look appealing. The big problem is in order to make the money work. You're probably taking on wiggins and so on the one hand like maybe wiggins is the successor to quincy pond next her that they never had on the other hand. He makes an absurd amount of money. And i do wonder if you put him in a situation where there isn't an existing culture where all that like all the good vibes. Steve kerr talking about. Where like oh yeah. We're going to bring out the best of him all of a sudden. He's back to his jacking threes. And just like not playing defense. I mean for the sake of accuracy. I think of wiggins is maybe like the news obviate henry versus the new quincy pond dexter. God's team that. I don't think we've mentioned so far is phoenix. And i don't know what the package would be exactly. But certainly i mean talked about who you know who the sons would wanna see next to devon booker. What type of player drew fits. That mold doesn't need the ball. The time could be a supplementary ball handler and then it becomes a question of okay. What is phoenix giving up. That's a little thornier. And maybe it's like an uber. Aa plus some stuff kind of trade package. Which isn't as exciting. Some of these other ones. But you could do worse. Actually from new orleans to i think that would be encouraging some level that he would want to come. You know the it's got think a lot of guys don't especially considering the weirdness the situation the history the franchise. I just wonder. I mean you guys would actually no way more than me. Is there any scenario in which there's three team way to purchase bradley. Beal ends up coming somewhere. That's the big x factor here ripe. Because that's tradable guard right. I feel like if another team had the stuff to trade for bill. They would do it. And so that makes me think that. Activating the wizards in that way. I feel like that trailer nardi be done. Yeah and you would think if washington gonna trade deal that they wouldn't want drew holiday back so if we're working like at three trade in new orleans both new orleans in washington want want the young assets back to start over. I would assume so it might be complicated. But yeah i mean he's the type of star that's i wonder if teams would save their powder just to go after repeal and so they won't get into holiday inn into those trade talks so it's definitely a complicated situation but we'll definitely be keeping track of this going forward because there's definitely nothing to keep track of otherwise scott. Thank you so much for joining us today. Absolutely you gotta give the people of various story fans very new orleans story. These are all. Nsf w man. i'll give it very. Pg justin story of water told this is after a game. The pelicans were up by twenty. They didn't want a long time and they're up by twenty docking eighty gets his fortieth point with like forty seconds. Okay just turns me. He's like why is this guy still in the game. Like what are they doing. Gets hurt every other game like this stupidest thing i've ever seen like a like district not used to winning like this whole thing. So he goes down. Alvin albinger the middle of his press. Conference that they finally get to answer questions about winning and not about how much they're injured they sought and the and justice..

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