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The winds drowns a desk with trackwork at sixty nine street main street bound seven trains are experiencing delays here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels if you're traveling ford at a gwp being of lowerlevel approach side of an accident as being cleared not a major one but just watch for it also if you're heading for the brooklyn bridge note there are some delays heading outbound it's better the manhattan and at the williamsburg bridge is on the the fdr drive northbound is a tough go as you make your way between the brooklyn bridge and the williamsburg bridge beyond that looks pretty good southbound side got a delay coming from the one 30s down to the rfk bridge and then more slow farther down from twenty six street on down towards six street now and to house tin streak that also ally check in on what's happening in nassau county southern state eastbound delays which extend up from the better broke out towards the of course expressway traffic and transit every ten minutes on the ones breaking javad alerts whenever they have a number of spiral intent then wins wins news time 506 to political violence today in charlottesville virginia we're the driver of a car that plowed into another car and a group of marchers is now in custody one person was killed nineteen more hurt the peaceful crowd was rallying in opposition to a demonstration of white supremacists protesting the planned removal of a confederate statue from a local park earlier there was a brawl in that park between the two sides hi it's corresponded matt claiborne was there we've had barricades up and there are white now short all their out the parkway infiltrated apart and you had it opposition candidate at each entered the park trying to break through the barricade you couldn't brunt physically dunk on the white nationalist you were in the park co there is a big showed out at all there he thought the party eventually they broke through the opposition broke through the barricade and got into the park president trump spoke this afternoon from his home in bedminster new jersey about the.

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