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Yeah they are and obviously there's this is all very fluid. India seeing some banks look at the situation and say we WANNA lend to folks that have actually borrowed from us before other banks that are taking in my view much more community oriented approach. Which is we're going to help. Businesses within our community. I happen to be on the board of Washington Federal Bank and brand. Seo's taken a position that says you know whether you've borrowed from us before or not doesn't matter we want to help our community because I mean think about this is this is Is Not just good for for banks is good for our community which means that everybody benefits over the long run and right now. These small businesses need our help not just to to to make it from day to the next these jobs that are fantastic jobs over the long run hurting some folks who speak to the fact that you know venture backed companies sluices from days. Small businesses employ about a third of the workforce right. Now what I'm trying to envision. This is what we're trying to figure in our town so many others. Did you start with a website to just donations idea? What is the way that you motivate people to give to you rather than there are many charities? I've given to Richard Sherman charity up there. How kind of navigate? This is a very grassroots right. It is myself in. It's not look we by the way we have a members of the business community's part of this right so named you'd recognize an Basil's with the beauty of this is every leader at any size company has come together and said we want to be a part of this. It's that one on one outreach. Everyone of the folks that are part of all Seattle to other members of the community asking them to chip in asking them to go to their networks. Now those people to chip in and be a part of solving a problem. Well I think what you're doing is terrific. It is what we're all going to have to do because government can't solve everything anymore. It's not like the old days it's people. This exact Jim. Looking at government will certainly step up and help. We're seeing that happen but the things that we're doing an all in Seattle.

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