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It's called supernatural with Ashley. Flower was and it searches for the truth. Behind some of history's most peculiar. Events congrats on the new show. Ashley every Wednesday join Ashley as she digs into a different mysterious crime where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional she'll explore some of the world's most bizarre paranormal and mystifying occurrences and dissect the facts with a heavy helping of skepticism and rationale. Enjoy this exclusive clip from the first episode on the mysterious lead masks case where these men abducted by aliens. Who were the victims of foul? Play if you want to listen to the full episode follows supernatural with Ashley Flowers. Free on spotify or wherever you got your podcasts When murder goes unsolved it's frustrating. There's no justice and no closure for the victim's family and loved ones and there's always the slight chance that the killer strike again but let's be real no matter how much empathy you feel for the victim. Often you hear these cases you hear these stories and just go on about your day without it truly affecting your life rarely is a case so bizarre so unexplainable that it throws your own reality into question. Take this one for example on August twentieth. Nineteen sixty six eighteen year. Old Georgie Dacosta. Alvez's was flying a kite with his friends on a hill near Rio de Janeiro Brazil. It was a sunny afternoon. And he was enjoying the fresh air outside of the city and then he saw something up the hill to dead bodies lying in the grass. Both were dressed in formal suits identical. Raincoats they were laying peacefully with their hands behind their heads. Almost like they'd lay down for a nap and just never woke up and on the ground next to them were two masks about the size and shape of sunglasses but made out of solid lead. The whole scene was so surreal. It sent Georgy running down the hill in terre but things would only get from there by the end of the week. Police weren't even sure if the killer they were looking for was human..

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