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Aspect having guns and talking about killing people at haller provided information about nicholas cruise the potential of heavy comey ischgl shooter but he didn't get to wear it needed to go a major earthquake has hit central and southern mexico was seven point two on the richter scale causing buildings to sway a spokesman for hillary clinton says the indictments in the special counsel investigation show what they knew all along i jackie quinn fiat chrysler announced a big recall a piece of showing adler reports some of its ram trucks have a problem with the gears shifter's he i chrysler is recalling about two hundred twenty nine thousand ram trucks mostly in north america the problem they could be shifted out of park without a key in the nation are afoot on the break government documents say if the brake pedal is push for a long time when the trucks are running and park the break shift interlock pin can become lodged in an open position that increases the risk of an unattended rolled away the good news fiat chrysler says it's not aware of any crashes or injuries i'm shirley antler the flu epidemic is finally showing signs of levelling off ap correspondent worn levinson reports health officials say about one out of every thirteen doctor's visits last week was for fever cough or other symptoms of the flu that's among the highest numbers in a decade but it's no worse than it was a week earlier as sign that the epidemic is peaking the number of doctors visited risen every week since november centers for disease control and prevention also reported forty three states have heavy flu traffic that numbers also unchanged from a week ago the flu remains at epidemic levels and peaking were not the season is still several weeks from being over warren levinson new york fraud charges have been filed against a woman who's asking voters to send her to congress police say julia german oudda passed off of fake ring and got a full refund of several thousand dollars from a jeweler in new york city german auto lives in lacrosse wisconsin and she's running in the democratic primary against the incumbent us representative ron kind investigators say german outta bought a ring.

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