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That same month, West took to Twitter to rant about his wife. Writing in a sense, deleted tweet. Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie get out because I cried about saving my daughter's life. I mean, he really? I mean, if you look at even just what, Kim really we We've been saying since like forever since at least the beginning of 2020. These two are they're never together when the lockdown happened you would ever like. How are these two going to handle it? They've barely spent any of the six or seven years that they've been married together. Remember when she was pregnant with their first child? He spent six months in Paris and I remember you in particular. I was going crazy. You were going crazy because you're like when your first baby Why? Why would you have why your husband to be miles away My way. Wait for months working on an album when he could work on an album anywhere. No, he could. And he is the most self centered, selfish man we know but it also her pregnancies were so difficult. So will not even be the first one you didn't even know the fact is he spent like four or five months and Paris supposed to be such a joyous time for a couple days. That was a bad sign. But then we're like, OK, celebrities. They're different, but really, they're not. Let's play the second guy. The make of mobile and mother of four, breaking her silence A few days later attributed West erratic behavior to his bipolar disorder. Writing on instagram, Anyone who has this or has a loved one in their life who does knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand. West himself opened up about his condition in an interview last year with David Letterman when you're in this state You're hyper. Paranoid. About everything. She is reportedly worth 900 million. His worth is estimated to be 1.3 billion. People magazine reporting that Kardashians is enlisting the help from divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who notably handled the divorces of Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Heidi Klum. No. Let me Hollywood speak. Enlisting Laura Wasser means everything has been drawn up. It discussed and it was filed before the sale yesterday. I well, she kind of has been signaling us over. Christmas when she was in Tahoe with the family. She did a photo where she was outside and had her arms raised jubilantly up in the air, like history, like a V for victory Kind of reminds me of Nicole Kidman with her arms raised, but she was clapping her two legs together when she left her divorce lawyer after Tom Cruise. And she took off. She hasn't been wearing any of her big rings for I am. He wasn't in any of the holiday post with him. They have not been seen together since the like October. Wyoming Ranch is kind of interesting. Now do moi, which is an instagram gossip account that people Right into through. I don't know if it's a here, she but apparently She Has Moved on, and there's somebody else and it's not Van Jones, which a lot of people wanted her to date, banjo. It should be a really cute couple were there. She doesn't need to be dating anybody. But he hasn't lived with her. And, um Apparently, now there's all kinds of tea. Is that Kanye? He's got something going on with a big beauty guru just moved to Wyoming, but the only beauty guru That I could figure out that about a place and In Wyoming. Jackson, Huh? Well, wherever cannula is, wherever his the ranches, he's in Cody Jeffery Starr. Said a boy or a girl. It's guy. It's a beauty influencer. Oh, okay. Well, here's what Kathy Griffin said, because she used to live next door to these guys. And she said, Um She said that, um, I think she's really tired about Kim Kardashian. She truly loves him, and she goes on to say I like him, but he certainly isn't the devil or anything, but I believe she's tried everything to make it work. He made her laugh a lot, and she's embraced his eccentricities. He loves being a mom board. More than anything. Those are my two things. She's just tired when you when you were living with someone with mental health issues, and they're not willing to address him. I think that would be exhausting. And I think that's what we saw in 2020 the entire year. Unfolding for them, and she's just like this is just too much because I have bigger goals than dealing with your stuff that you want address. At some point I love you. We've tried. We've tried. I've tried to help you That even says that she's coming to put me lock me up and make me take my drugs, you know, is like It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing for both of them. I think that it's been so public and he's been so public I would be if my husband or partner was so verbal about our stuff like that. I would go crazy. I'd go crazy and she I loved in the page six story where somebody smart Kris Jenner about all he did for her birthday was Was the hologram which we thought was about the weird to stay with her dad. Weird. Robert Kardashian, your dad that it passed away. He made a hologram and then in the hologram, her dad who's dead as a hologram told Girl how wonderful How very, very, very, very, very lucky. She was have have such a wonderful wonder. I mean, he used he used more descriptive is about himself, and he did have Robert Kardashian say descriptive is about his daughter. I mean, that's like someone again. Left. And just in having a B by Rene the best for giving you this gift. This is the best guess you ever had him the basketball? Whoever thought I'd get this good. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, well, it's not at all surprised. I don't think so. I think it's I think. He would be exhausting. We already said that he would just be a very exhausting man. I don't think she should date anybody. The gossip is that he's already got somebody.

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