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He's investing investing in his language skills, taking the time to call a fighter out when he has an opportunity to say, you really, really have to appreciate that sits in that Dominic Raya says another one radar, like I didn't know how good he was because he was blown through guys. And then when he'd be Jared Cananea, I was like exactly. That was pretty impressive. Wins are such a nice mix of things. TKO's has got head kicks. He's got submissions. Like I like the, I would say, this is not the radar, but we didn't talk about the show today because I want to kind of save it for this one, Tony, Ferguson, Tony, Ferguson. I mean, I just defies explanation these. I'll say it again. The only guy who can make use alchemy to make gold. He only one man didn't have a personal trainer to help him with his knee injury. Comes back with all the different things and weird things that he does. It doesn't make sense to anybody, but him gets in there gets dropped, finds a way to persevere. Looked incredible in the end burst into tears and everyone's talking about and everyone's talking about Nate and this frigging two-thirty car, John Jones and Connor, and I get it, but you have got to take a moment on this show and anyone else media where you guys not blown away by Tony snow and not And not just just that that just just as. as his motivational speeches because the bottom line is standing up and he's kind of like that in that media tent when he's kind of you in there, you came back. I don't know if you were in there when. You know, he's just standing there holding court. And to me, I was like, man who where's this guy been? He's been slowly emerging this, but to me, I was like he was kind of who's another guy who did come out of the world beater right away came on, and I mean, just the style of fighting the what he does in there. And you would think coming off that injury like he would fight more careful? No, no pressure, a hundred percent. You know, he's in it, which is, which is very scary. And of course we do group is on the show on Monday talking about the stoppage. I thought that was really important. My real under the radar is I like talking about the the other combat sports in the space a little bit. E. b. i. for the men is now all combat jujitsu. The women will be sub only, but the men will be strikes. Now you can't like close the fist, but it's like the pancreas style. You can slap then you can use the point which by the way better is pretty ridiculous. I thought that was interesting and I wanna give a shout out to the folks use you fight pass and Kazushi rob and all them. How about Tet on Friday night? Did you watch that at all? I know it's a lot of good fight fans missed it because you know there's a lot of things going on, but holy crap. Gordon Ryan came out there smoked Josh Bornet, which I. Oh, yeah. Sweeps him like a thorn Tate of leave with butterfly guard passes to mount, and then mounted triangle, and then taps them like that. Like it was nothing about Niki Ryan at seventeen. Ridiculous format was interesting because they were calling stalls. Some of that is the work, but like you've been wondering what's the right format for sport Jiu jitsu can really work as as a as a spectator sport, and I still think there's some tweaks, but I've never seen an event. Get us close in my mind was pretty close early stages, but ration- sense of kind of man. I thought quintet was a home run while that was the production was amazing. With the pride song, bringing out the teams, they packaged it presents your favorite those, hilarious, like Gord Ryan versus all y'all bitches. You know. Easiest call. All right. I'll take superman vs all y'all. It's interesting that brings us up and I were talking about this yesterday that. There was criticism about guys that regret wrestlers being boring in the past, and now we like really praising could be..

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