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I had something like that's got to got to this. We also talked about low. Lovey smith son and we and asked if he had coach with the buccaneers. Yes mccall smith. He was safeties coach for the buccaneers during his tenure. Here now he was arrested last year. September twenty twenty on multiple charges related the sex trafficking operating a prostitution ring. Now i looked all over for this. I couldn't find anything on this other than the initial stuff. I actually had to go to the court website. Pull up the minutes. Which marco county has an amazing court system. You actually up the court documents. The minutes really. Yeah so i got to read all what happened with Apparently he got probation. Oh yeah he was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to illegal control of enterprise and receive earnings of prostitution is a plea agreement. I got very alleged pin. Yeah yeah they dropped a bunch of other charges so that he would plead this and there wasn't any evidence presented at court. It was just pleadings back and forth. It was a lot it was live. Yeah now. He had a. It's three years supervised probation arrested tuition to the victim of one thousand forty two dollars and seventeen cents that his her earnings that he took like restitution is like you're making someone whole you're paying somebody back for the damage. You cause dumb. Well that's not a very good prostitute or he could fail. I don't know which one That brings us to another. Follow up on a concern with lovey smith. We had talked about him blowing up the offensive line. I was incorrect. He did not blow up the whole offensive line. Just ninety percent of it. He kept the more datsun He got rid of donald penn march thirteenth. Who had played with the buccaneers for eight years. Replaced them all tackle and went onto the raiders to become a pro bowl and he was there like liberia longtime up until last year. Yeah without question. He went to washington. I think and he got hurt He was replaced by anthony collins. You remember him from horrible horrible left. Tackle i'll olive. Levies guys brought inward. Were very careful..

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