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They're going to do it to us and call us terrorists. We don't want to go there. This state entity. John Bolton falsified memos of those meetings the Pentagon kept complaining and kept complaining. These memos were falsified to make it look like the. Pentagon agreed with this designation. So this is the real danger. We're facing yes in like like you say soaring out and you think they're going to do one thing but they're lying and then they turn on you for some reason but I think get- getting these troops into Saudi Arabia. Although there's troops all over the Middle East There could be like some radical Islamist in Saudi Arabia. Everybody in Saudi Arabia doesn't represent the position of their leaders. So this means it. What about what about some type of false flag or something that they blame it on the Iranians? That's what they did in in Yemen. So they could do that. And there may be more vulnerabilities You know just the more troops. We have scattered all over the place. The more vulnerable we are and capture the headlines and it doesn't take long it seems like you can read good statistics the American people. They don't like war. They want to bring troops home. But all you have to do is have a bad incident and some American killed and blame it on. I mean they're ready to go to war again. I mean there's they don't don't WanNa be more comprehensive in thinking and thinking what has led to it so That's our job helping them to understand. That's right you know what I sat down in your office. We were GONNA Kinda put the show together this morning. You said one sentence the captured everything that I had spent all these notes doing. You just simply said they're not there to protect America you know and that's it the. Us troops are not going to Saudi Arabia to protect America. So if you're a president who ran in one on the idea putting America first. How do you justify putting our troops in harm's way to defend the rich Saudis and? That's the big question. So that's a question answer it. I WanNa talk just for a second again. I've done it quite a bit but I want to put up our picture again for our conference in. May It's GonNa be a great conference Dr Paul about the war on speech. It's heating up on campuses There was violence. And we're GONNA have some announcement of speakers. It's on May twenty third this year in Houston Ron Paul Institute Dot Org Slash Conference Dr Paul. You're going to be there. We're GONNA drag you up to Houston Dick who who worked for you and did civil liberties and free speech for you in the Congressional Office is going to give a talk. I'm going to have a couple of words to say but I also will announce that we're going to have one of our one of our guests we're GONNA have a couple of other speakers But Jeff diced the president of the institute who worked with US IN DHAKA. Paul's Congressional Office and now runs Mrs Institute. He's going to come out from Alabama. He's written a lot about this. They do eat meat as university to deal a lot with young people and with the issue of speech. He's going to come out. He's got a really good talk. We talked about what he's GonNa say. So you're not gonNA WANNA miss it. Get those tickets. We've sold about a third of our tickets available so far so I'm feeling good about it being sold out. But I don't want you to feel bad and miss out. So get those tickets today or online. And there's a link in our description for a very good Daniel and I wanted to just talk a little bit about you know this expression and free speech and the Constitution is very clear. First Amendment is very clear on protecting speech and allowing individuals to criticize their own government. That to me is the most important thing the First Amendment is has been written and clear when I gave my last talk on the House floor when I left. Congress enlisted quite a few little things here and there you know that we should be worrying about and dealing with spending and fiscal policy says the number one issue of importance in order to try to be able to mold a change in our society and our government. Is You keeping the First Amendment alive and well because if if we have protection of the First Amendment and people can go out and freely express themselves in the information and let the people sort out the truth from fiction because I think always wins out in the end that the First Amendment is pretty darn critical. The others are important to property. Rights are important. Certainly the second amendment is important but all of them depend on the ability for individuals that are descending against the policies of the government who out and talk about it but now we hear people going to prison. We hear whistleblowers getting arrested. And and whistle blowers are very vulnerable by just telling the truth. Of what our government's doing so the First Amendment I. Hank is should be pretty darn high on the list of the necessities if we WANNA bring about peaceful revolution and change the system of government. We have one from an authoritarian government. Telling US what to do. Every step of the way and allowing us to make our own decision the lead our own life and also spend our own money like that we want and not be victimized by foreign policy that is very very expensive and very very dangerous. Americans lose their liberties and they have to pay the money to do it so i. I'm strong believer in the first amendment. I hope you can come to our convention are meeting here in Houston Sue and I want to thank everybody for tuning in today. to the Liberty Report. Please come back soon..

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