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And look at all the pre season very limited and I am good with that I've never been a guy that says you gotta put all the starters in the preseason games no no no no no no man that so many of these veterans in a deluxe in this class now veterans they know the tricks of the trade here he had a little nagging injury you set out some training camp is set out the preseason games that don't matter anyway all you do is get beat up a little bit now there are guys like Peyton manning that say he needed for your timing you need for your timing but I remember Edgerrin James in Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith a lot of those guys you know that Saturday let me know when stuff starts for real all be there lays down so I'm kinda happy to be honest with you to see and do like taking it easy and getting himself ready for the regular season no doubt my mind he'll be ready also speaking of NFL training camp Steelers wide receiver ju ju Smith Shuster he was a training camp the other day and a fan came up and demanded that he autograph his head so this has like a bald head gives ju ju Smith Schuster the wide receiver sharpie so he signed this fans bald head and then he tells the guy jokingly you get a tattoo of that I'll give you a season tickets well guess what happened no do got a tattoo on his bald dome of ju ju Smith Shuster's autograph so yesterday of training camp ju ju showed up with a season ticket package let's do a giver ju ju on following through sure the Steelers front office actually made that happen I wonder if you had to fill out any money money at all so that's great I mean you pay off on the bed that's the he's not a welcher good for you yesterday on Fox Sports Warren central product ball state product Jason with mock man he went after lebron James for the way that he acts in the stands as kids a a you games I like to address the.

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