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From the Ana Jar and the bean accident. Attorney studios. Have you been injured in an accident? Call the law offices of manager and Levine 1 807 473. That's 1 807 473733. You're listening to an all eighties weekend. I love it when a plan comes together in West Palm Beach, South Florida's Sonny, one of 79. No. A little. Oh, my gosh. Leak. Take a chill pill hits. We'll keep coming isn't all eighties weekend on Sonny, one of 79. Sonny 1079 playing more of the greatest hits of the seventies, eighties and nineties for the palm beaches Next. Are you registered to vote this year? Yeah, I'm registered. Well, you should vote Yes. On Amendment one. You know what that's about, Right? Well, tell me more about it. So right now, politicians make back room deals to choose who they represent. Instead of us the voters choosing them. That's partisan. Jerry Mandarin. Wait, So they're choosing what's best for us. See? That's why we must vote Yes. On Amendment one on the November ballot. We must end partisan gerrymandering so that we can choose who represents us. An amendment one will put new language taken from the 14th amendment and the Voting Rights Act into the Virginia Constitution. Oh, I see. So for the first time in 400 years, Amendment one will allow citizens direct involvement in the process of drawing voting districts, and it'll add new civil rights protections. Which sounds good to me, and that's not all voting. Yes, on amendment One will protect our right to vote. Well, I'm going to vote Yes, on Amendment one to put the power in our hands. Paid for by fair maps. Virginia Sunken is here to keep you running with a much needed taste of normal toe, work home or work from home for the coffee you like just the way you like it, Whether that's a small hot black coffee your daily two PM LA or a bacon, egg and cheese Carson and a medium iced coffee without milk One sugar two pumps of caramel one.

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