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This is the bbc cities a complete range of programmes bbcworldservicecom forward slash podcast welcome to the latest global news compiled in the early hours of the morning on monday the 13th of november on jonathan blake with the selection of highlights from across bbc world service news today coming up after a week of silence the former lebanese prime minister speaks out award an and the are wanted to create a pulls of tips shock multiple negative one so that the lebanese people knew the danger we face our arab affairs analyst will consider what saad hariri tv interview has revealed a rebelheld enclave in syria has received its first aid convoy in three months also in the podcast this island tool silent majority has come out onto the streets in recent weeks the catalonia which is waking up shows itself to be plural and diverse the spanish prime minister visits catalunia for the first time since sacking the regional government and later it was the last and also to me because i came with an idea i wanted to show basically arab women complaining about israel and it i didn't get what i wanted jews and arabs bond other shampoo as an israeli hair salon but first it is just over a week since the former lebanese prime minister saad hariri resigned in a surprise move sending shockwaves across the middle east he has not been seen or heard from since until now in a live television interview from the saudi capital riyadh he said he wanted to give his country what he called a positive shock he talked of needing to alert lebanon to gathering dangers in the region and the and the had bid are wanted to create a.

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