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Navy Federal Donald Work to get started today 11 28 traffic and weather on the 832 Kessler in the W T o P traffic center collars checking in with some work zones on the Beltway in Maryland, the inner loop in Prince George's County. First you're going to come upon the one after Pennsylvania Avenue over top of the Suitland Parkway. That's work in the right lane. Closer to Branch Avenue is a sweeping crew along the left side Looks. They're working on the left shoulder but taking the left lane to avoid any problems. Now the inner loop top side of the Beltway near 29 Coles Hill Road. There had been some work along the right side that may possibly just be over on the shoulder. Also in Maryland, north bound 3 55 between Marinelli Road and Old Georgetown Road. The right lane was blocked with emergency work. This is causing a bit of a backup South bound 15 year, Rosemont Avenue was a report of some debris in the roadway and eastbound to 16 near life. Here Road was a report of a crash eastbound 50. Therefore, 24 Davidsonville Road had been a report of a wreck and South bound Pennsylvania Avenue near West failure and old Marbro Pike. That was the scene of an earlier Rex. So watch for any response left over there. South bound to 70 still slow approaching and passing 109. A single right lane gets by the works owed 95 in Virginia. The North bound delay near the center Port Parkway, trying to head past 6 10 Garrison Hill Road into Quantico. The work in the left lane South bound looks to be the mobile crew. With the delay beginning near 6 10 in stretches, headed All the way past the Rappahannock River Bridge toward Route three and Fredericksburg that may be a road pre treatment crew. Elsewhere in Virginia Old King Mill Road westbound it Rolling Road had been the scene of a wreck. So watch for any activity. Leftover Silver Diner invite you to do brunch to go at a classic mimosa or bloody married here. Favorite brunch Entree for $5. This special is available only on weekends and on Lee at silver diner dot com. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P. Traffic. Let's get the snowy forecast for Mike Stanford. What? The weather advisory from seven o'clock tonight until 10.

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