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Hey everyone i'm david chalian the cnn political director and this is the daily dc thanks so much for listening today on the podcast biden's next move that is what everyone is on the watch for in these next several days and weeks leading up to the second debate which will take place here on cnn july thirtieth and thirty first at the end of the month one new data point for you to have is that the biden campaign revealed today that it raised twenty one point five million dollars in the second quarter so people ditch outraged raised joe biden in this quarter in terms of money now joe biden is a top every single poll is the leader of the race and pete buddha judge doesn't seem to be cracking five percent much these days so i don't want to suggest that a buddha the judges somehow trading places with biden in terms of his place in the race but it just emphasize is eight one eight huge hall buddha judge had an be another not a full disappointment i would say but it's twenty one point five million is nothing to sneeze at but yet another moment for biden where the team probably came in a little shy of where they want it to be which was top of the field now they made it and certainly would have thought the twenty one point five million would be top of the fundraising field this quarter perhaps not anticipating just how much cash mayor pete was a sweeping up now the biden campaign is right to point out he got in this race april twenty fifth pete buddha judge had be entirety of the second quarter meaning twenty four extra days to fundraise from april first twentyfourth before joe biden it opened his account and within the race and started collecting money that is true but just step back for a moment and take a look at what happened here in the money race and that is that the mayor of a town with a hundred thousand people who had no national political profile until just a few months ago out raised eight former vice president of the united states with an enormous fundraising network already in place that is huge forbid you know a biden did outrace a bernie sanders who raised eighteen eighteen million dollars for this quarter around where he was last quarter but that's pretty close competition there too so joe biden is not gonna have all the democratic money to himself that's clear would also has become clear after the first debate in the polls that have come out after joe biden is not gonna have the top tier of this race all to himself he's got real competition there so that begs the question what does biden do next what is if there is a need or a thought inside the campaign to make an adjustment what is it an end the kennedy believe an adjustment needs to be made or is it perceived as sort of the natural laws of politically gravity taking place and this is the fight a they always imagine they would be and here's the thing we're one data point that suggests there is at least trying something different on the part of the biden campaign which is to sit down and talk to a journalist unanswered questions joe biden is sitting down with our own chris cuomo fern interview in will first air on cnn friday morning at six am in any damn and a you'll see more throughout the day so joe biden sitting down first first national television interview since his role out when he was on the view an when he sat down with robin roberts on good morning america back in april so we are now two and a half months from then an he had and sat down for national interview so at least there's eight tactical change whether or not this represents eight true change or shift in strategic thinking about how joe biden and his campaigner gonna run this race that remains to be seen will get clues about i think later today joe biden is kicking off a two day trip the iowa what sounds different on the stump from him how's he brush off the debate performance we saw what he did sort of pushing just on the bussing issue where it's a comma harris but i think one of the things here that got a little lost in the coverage this wasn't just about a what his bussing policy was that's not what happened on that debate stage that was just the vehicle colfer the larger event that happened which is comma harris very effectively skewered joe biden about his past put him on the defensive he didn't defend his recor and well in the overall unsteady debate performance for him it began disappears this notion that perhaps he's the only one that can go toe to toe with donald trump now he's still leads on that question as we've discussed this week on the podcast in are poll in today's nbc news washington post poll joe biden is seen by democrats fern away as the one that could defeat trump but something shifted after that debate on that school end that was no mistake by commonly harris this was not a decision when you just look at the political strategy here to just go after joe biden on bussing or civil rights or or what have you this was a decision asian by comma harris and her team to not let this first huge opportunity with eighteen million eyeballs to not let this one go by to not wait first sometime down the road tie heavier moment this was this opportunity is before them they've decided we must sees this and the way he sees this opportunity is you take a chip away at the front runner and that's precisely what she did end so it's that larger point i think that was what fundamentally shifted in that debate joe biden pushback on the substance last week but i think starting tonight and tomorrow in iowa we're gonna see has joe biden adjusted his performance on the stump is he interacting with voters in the different ways he's starting to take more questions from voters does he handle cuomo's questions in the interview in a way that exudes confidence in short foot this or is he answering from a defensive crouch 'cause see you know his campaign told him you should sit for an interview we gotta start talking to make sure that we don't have a debate performance in detroit the way that we had in miami let's air some of this stuff out there show that you can actually take the critical questions that's what to watch for this week is biden's next move is there is there retooled stump speech is there brushing offer any kind of acknowledgment of a debate performance that may have under will even his core supporters does this interview suggests that he's about to do a ton of interviews and try to appear in many places in sort of owning the narrative in defined the the narrative for the twenty twenty race every day that all is what i'm watching for out of this july fourth weekend and then there's the subplot of so what is commonly harris due to take this momentum and keep it going is there an opportunity for her cabinet on the rise and i'm sure before long you're gonna see a whole ton of stories across the media landscape reali investigating her shining a spotlight on her like she has never experienced before when you were on the rise towards the top in presidential politics you start receiving a level of scrutiny that is really unique to that moment for canada and how she withstands that is going to be critical to watch but also what is the campaign proactively doing now harness this momentum and keep turning into vietnam virtuous cycle after virtuous cycle for them to keep writing this positive wave as long as possible so she's also out night well senator harris had a she sort of turn from what was a very successful debate performance to now eight candidate who harnesses the momentum out of those two things i am more eager to watch over the holiday weekend in terms of understanding the dynamic of the race of where we are probably more than any other components.

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