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Kershaw that. I remember. I know Nick, I hate to say that's the Clayton Kershaw that air member. There's a reason why postseason Clayton's ERA is massively greater than regular season Clayton right to what town try a bit more than a run and a half tune and for Clayton Kershaw what he did in the what nationally divisional series more power to him. But sadly, that's not the Clayton Kershaw that we get accustomed to seeing in the postseason because if it was we would not have been that impressive with that outing. And we would have said, wow, there's Clayton Kershaw being Clayton Kershaw. What we saw tonight in three innings of work Kershaw could not even get an out in the fourth inning throwing seventy four pitches in that time six hits allowed. Now. He wasn't helped out Ryan mats and gives up one of those runs. It gets charged to Kershaw. Yes. Monte grande. Del had one of the worst starts to a baseball game that I think I've ever seen in my life at least offensively. I mean my goodness. At this point. He should have left the game with Clayton Kershaw with two errors in to pass balls in four innings, but Clayton Kershaw was not missing bats Clayton Kershaw was not dominant to walks to strikeouts in three innings. And that's why Clayton Kershaw is the Dan Marino of major league baseball. I hate to say it dodger fans, but when Clayton Kershaw reaches seventy pitches, and doesn't even get a tenth out that sadly, the Clayton Kershaw that we remember in the postseason who's ERA is over four when his regular season career ERA is under two point four. There's a mental block that occurs. Clayton Kershaw when the calendar turns October, ladies and gentlemen, we witnessed it again tonight as Milwaukee Brewers out in front of the dodgers five to one heading to the bottom of the fifth inning. He gave up a home run to a relief pitcher for crying out loud. Okay. I mean, you could have a bad outing, and I get it. But this is the National League championship series. Brandin woodwork Woodruff gives up or gets a home run off Clayton Kershaw in this game. I don't even know how many at bats. Brandon Woodruff has had in his career. You ready for this? Brandon Woodruff has taken eighteen at bats in two years. He has four hits in those eighteen at-bats below behold in the postseason. Brandon Woodruff is batting a thousand one for one and that was a solo homerun off Clayton Kershaw. Good Clayton doesn't give up home runs to relief pitchers bad Clayton or postseason Clayton. Certainly does what an embarrassing performance for Clayton Kershaw. What a terrible performance for Clayton Kershaw, and he should be ashamed with the fact that as the best pitcher in the National League title should be taken away from him. Because certainly this year. He wasn't Jacob degrom was, and I think max Scherzer may be better at this point. The reality is Clayton Kershaw today in game one wilted like a dead flower. That's. I don't care if you're a loyal Dodger's fan. You know, it as well as I do this oh sticking up for Clayton Kershaw. This guy's paid thirty million bucks a year to be your race. And I don't mean just an ace for the first one hundred sixty two. I mean, an ace when it comes to counting the games that matter the postseason, and once again Clayton Kershaw can't get it done. No other way to look at it. But that cannot get it done. This is a man who is. About eighty four games over five hundred in the regular season as a pitcher. Yet. He's eight and seven and then when he picks up a loss tonight unless they make a comeback. He'll be nothing, but a five hundred pitcher in the postseason there is a massive difference when it comes to Clayton Kershaw for one sixty two and Clayton Kershaw for the rest. And by the way, there's a long enough track record now Clayton Kershaw where it's like all right? He's got an inflated ERA because claim Kershaw pitched in two postseasons. No, this was Clayton Kershaw twenty first start twenty sixth appearance in a postseason as a dodger. He has now pitched one hundred and thirty three innings. I believe it is or excuse me one hundred no he's picture one hundred thirty innings. I believe it is in the postseason. This is who he is. And while he looked great in the last series. He certainly did not get the job done today and give the credit to the Milwaukee birth performance. So far by then timely hits Lorenzo Cain. Struggled in the in the NFL DS off to a nice start. Hey, sue, saggy are the rest of the guys. I mean, they're getting the job done producer, Sean, western hockey. I don't know if I can even be kind to Clayton Kershaw based on what we witnessed today because sadly, it's not the first time we've seen this from him. I give Kershaw a pass. Look he wasn't typical Kershaw as regular season Kershaw being great lights out. He did have to struggle to get. You throw those pictures you will he was working. The brewers are a great team. Great hitters, especially at Milpark. So I'm not surprised that they had great at bats against Kershaw. But you can't blame this game. One. On on Kershaw with the defense committing three errors for LA grow. Monte Grondahl a passed ball catcher interference. And then Chris Taylor in left field. You let Paul just go under his glory out. Just but they're just not like up these errors. You know what I mean? Like I like a little league risk. Couldn't coach, Sean. He's not missing bats. He's you're right. He's not being helped out and shaimaa. I mean, especially good enough where he could Mustafa's three straight pitches. He made him look foolish. Yeah. Basically low to thanks the Monte Grondahl. True. Yeah. That home run to Brandon Woodruff right down the plate. But you know, what that's reliever reliever I'm going to challenge your reliever any day. It's the left. You don't have to you don't have to challenge. Brandon road wardrobe. He's he's gonna swing. It. Anything come on. He's got a lever. He got lucky there. Nothing but luck, Dan. Happen to Clayton Kershaw. No, it doesn't happen to the best as often as happens. Clayton kershaw. You're not going to challenge a relief pitcher to get an easy out by throwing the ball. Right. Where he can. Okay. All right. Let me ask you this. Nick, let me ask you this. It's not about one batter. It's about his career postseason performance. You're gonna tell me as a dodger fan that you're happy with Clayton Kershaw postseason. Okay. That's the bottom line about right now. Now, we're talking about a pattern this blame on Kershaw when we have three Ariza money when your picture gives you three innings. That's a problem when he throws seventy pitches. Get out. He didn't want to be taken out, and he should have been taken out, and he should have been taken out sit up in. But yes, the errors weren't on him. Not nothing that happened. Any making excuses for a guy who's not missing bats? It's not income on us. Really? They weren't hitting him hard. They weren't hitting him. Hard hitting them up. Come on. Give me a break, you think. Dominic Kershaw did have to labor. No question. But he's good enough. Right. When he doesn't have his best stuff to get through five innings and give you a quality start. It's not gonna be a cakewalk. But that's the problem labor. But why he's he's one of the greatest pitchers in history. The regulars and the brewers have. Okay. Wait, excuse me. Excuse the goat. The goat. The goat is definitely as Monte Grondahl. And Chris Taylor. I now now I'm not saying bright. But I'm saying that this is the trend Clayton Kershaw. Maybe the to the last twenty years in terms of being the best pitcher of that. Well, and he's not the greatest of all time. But he may be the best pitcher in baseball over the last twenty years. Right. But you can't put this on him. I can put his entire hosts I can put at your spirits David freeze caught that line drive. It would have been outnumbered to outnumber too. So the basis would not have been low. Right. That's a huge play. Dan catcher was such a big play. And I know this always passed as well. This is Clayton Kershaw. I hate to tell you you can sit there and listen. Okay. That's great. He did you're right. He pitched and I gave him credit for the NFL DS appearance. Right. But the problem is we give them a ton of credit when he pitches. Great because we don't expect him to pitch great in the postseason pitches. Poorly in the postseason, Dan, we always because it happens. No. But what I'm saying is. But we we all I'm saying is you don't want make all the excuses. You want your starting pitcher one of the greatest of all time future hall of Famer with four Cy Young awards at an MVP got nine out. You're saying these are these are mental errors on Kercheval. No. I'm saying Clayton Kershaw as he was struggling. He didn't get help. Of course from his defense. I'm not denying that. I'm not blind and has Monte GRANDE. Dell is an awful actually show was struggling kershaw's job as a struggling pitchers that throw strikes. He did. Okay. And they were. He could do they were his own. No, no, no sorry. No, no. On the stock doing their job. Oh, oh, stop. Why does he have to struggle? This is a guy that struggles. Okay. Exactly. It's the brewers raves. Don't sound like this don't guys don't sound as if this is the Red Sox lineup or the Astros lineup. It's the brewers lineup. And I know they have Christian yelich. I know that they have have Renzo Cain, bro. Okay. That's great. I guess what? Do you get scared of the DD angels lineup because they have a guys one to MVP's don't give me that winning the this year. Tracy in the conference. Okay. Player Jaideep who's the best? So you're trying to tell me player league. And you just county him like he's just some other player. No, I'm looking did. You not hear me. I'm looking at the entire line of don't tell me the brewers were the five batters. That's an impressive lineup. That's an impressive line is. Yes, it is more of your life right there. Who did I give you the Renzo Kane Kane, okay? Yeah. Ron yelich stop with Braun. Really bronze greater to fifteen or with a three thirteen on base. Seventy actual stock is going to give you stock is to fifty six is a brewer. Have a look at the slugging percentage. Home home runs, right? In hundred nationally and got bad. The brewers are much different animal. They aren't K that. All right here. Right there. The astros. They are the Red Sox. That's who they are leading correctly. Kershaw. Okay. So we're waiting Kershaw. Kershaw base or Clayton Kershaw so Clayton Kershaw let me finish so Clayton Kershaw. Let's make every excuse in the book for why you're ace pitcher on the great pictures of our time couldn't get the job done and was struggling through innings. But that's okay. No. It's Clayton Kershaw. Let's hold them to a higher standard. Sean, you just have to admit though, that he was undone by or it was unfortunate for him three costly errors. And was he attributed was just three innings was he labors? Okay. Okay. That's all right. But he did it choke by any means. This isn't this isn't one of the typically Kershaw, choke jobs. Not okay. Hey, guys featured gay guys. Mom can be happy be happy with the effort. Awesome clayton. You gave us three innings love, man. Six hits you labored. All right. You can get help defense either Shaw. Okay. He wasn't himself. He restraints strikes to Moustakis. Ooh. So let's there naked behalf. They had runners in scoring position. And he got us out of it to Ron's be one run beyond score on a basis. I don't think he got out. Did he get you singled out in the fourth inning? Did he did he? Reuters. We put on the fourth inning. How did he get? I'm leaving yard. You know, the answer. Exactly. Why don't you sit and watch the game knows it didn't get a single out in that fourth inning. Right. Saying. Which team hit the second. Most home runs in the National League this year. Yeah. The Milwaukee Brewers they're hitting and you know, what the Yankees hit the most baseball history. They can hit squad. So that great offense didn't do. And what are the Red Sox pitcher do to them? What did Nathan? Due to him. What a report Selo Duda is Clayton Kershaw debtor Stanton is Clayton is Clayton. Clayton Kershaw better. First of all you're not talking about your dismissing their lineup like chopped liver. It's not it's good. It's not great. It's good. Don't Miller Paul gets very good. Dan, that's challenging lineup at Miller park. You can have. Yeah. But you know, what it's cleaned the best picture the last twenty years on the great lineup. They wouldn't be where they are right now. No one would be talking about the freaking brewers, dude. Do the dodgers have a great lineup. Yes. They do. Great lineup. I ain't gonna say great. Okay. Where are they right now Saint place, right? Same exact place. Okay. Just saying you don't have a great low. You'd have to have a great lineup to be there. Great pitching, certainly helps are the brewers there because they're hitting where the bruise there because they slowly their relief because they're not they're starting pitching. Then. No. They don't have starters. Anything? Haters haters, probably the MVP baiters actually a hater by. Yeah. Yeah. Is there are more favourable name for a guy than Josh hater. Megahits everybody look at his tweets. All right. We gotta move on the dodgers. Of course struggling it's just game. One of the NFL D S. Hey, I'm just saying Kershaw last three does get help Monte GRANDE del by the way, the worst three innings. I have ever seen defensively from anybody. And I've seen Gary Sanchez and Mike Piazza played catcher to errors to pass balls in three innings for years. Monte GRANDE doubt. I gotta switch gears to football real quick going to spend a lotta time on this a bit later on. But the giants making a decision on Eli manning you have to hear from Pat Shurmur next go and eat Dan Schwartzman. NBC sports radio the NBC sports radio mobile app..

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