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World headquarters in New York, Lexington at fifty nine her perfect summer's day or early summers. Dash say the Bloomberg interactive brokers studios that we're doing more data checks today for those just catching up. Mario Draghi in Portugal, with a speech four minutes. Twenty two seconds before we began our broadcast sporting stunned markets. There's no other way to put it yields come in vengeance six basis. Points, two point zero four percent on the ten year. The two year one pulse when he's sort of a little bit of recovery right now in the Tate. Maybe we get to the open, but it has been a most interesting day. Yeah. Absolutely. I think the certainly caught Mr Draghi certainly caught the market's a little bit by surprise here. Looking at the German, ten year just pulling back, even more minus point three, two on the German, ten year in US equity future and looking very strong at the open. He's got a terrible list of equities over there. I can see got his pencil work going in his Bloomberg. The problem is will get bogged down on the new currency. That's out there. I wouldn't mental David Wilson, you would have put me in the David Wilson timeouts. You're someone called the new Facebook thing a currency. And I went mental it's not a currency. I don't know what it is. But can you explain what Lieber is well, it's going to be backed by existing currencies and security so charities. Thank you. It's what's called a stable, coin until the reserve but money, Mark, I had heard that stable point. Right. It's supposed to be it's reduced as early as next year Facebook signed up twenty seven companies to work with it. Jay polluting the MasterCard and pay pal to name three and Facebook shares are up about two and a half percent in early trading and should say Joe Weisenthal important interview today with Mr. Marcus Facebook. Well, they go continue. All right. And videos up two percent, the chipmaker agreed to work with Sweden's Volvo group to develop artificial intelligence for self driving trucks terms weren't disclosed. Tesla up two and a half percent. People familiar with the matter said the electric carmakers overhauling its Asian operations to put more focus on China Tesla's building a factory in Shanghai that students start operating this year. Snap is up for percent, the owner of social media sites. Snapchat headed for twenty dollars, a share in the next twelve months, that's going to be TI. They raised their estimate from fifteen dollars that twenty dollar figure is forty eight percent higher than Monday's close. It's also the highest estimate of twenty seven in the Bloomberg survey on the deal front. You have a company Pacific biosciences of California down. Seven percent. No alumina is trying to buy them for one point two billion dollars of talking about companies in the gene. Seek. Wincing equipment business, and UK regulators said a luminous offer raises antitrust issues, aluminum shares down just a touch at this point a quarter of a percent. Couple of other stocks to watch and response to deals that may come down the line Mascow, the building makers have plans to sell cabinet tree and window units. Mc much trading say with News Corp, the owner of the Wall Street Journal, which of course, pleasure competes with the likes of Bloomberg news, in providing data is reviewing a potential sale, and other options for its news America marketing unit should I buy one hundred shares of beyond me today should get. I investment advisor, but I will tell you since you mentioned beyond meat, well, the stock, and real Bob its record at the moment. It's been advancing around is higher by eleven and a half percent. Now, there's this report out of CNN that the company confirmed that grocery chains will introduce a ground beef alternative from beyond me next week before they go to more for you. Five and a half percent. The betting maker resume doing business with mattress firm more than two years after the retailer terminated supply contracts, temper. Silly also signed a supply agreement with close out chain. Big lots and they got a mentioned, the most active stock in early trading money. Graham international tiny company less than one hundred million dollars market value, but it's up one hundred fifty one percent. The money transfer service reach today, what blockchain company ripple on technology partnership ripple invested thirty million dollars in money Graham at four dollars a share and option to put in another twenty million at the same price and to put that in perspective, money Graham at three dollars, sixty two cents after today's search learns cryptocurrency, Tom. It's coming. It's coming. Would you call the currency coin? Or what are the stable, coin stable, coin? That's the phrase, Paul, savory Brigadier next guest. Let's switch gears from stable, coin. And beyond meat to the Pentagon. There's a lot going on their digital troops being sent to Iran trying to get some funding. I space force. So when we talk Pentagon, we need. Travis Trittin, Bloomberg government defense reporter to help us along. He joins us on the phone from the Pentagon Travis, thanks so much for joining us. Let's start off with Iran. How is the Pentagon and the defense community really thinking about our options in Iran? All right. Well, what we've seen is the acting secretary of defense is approved another thousand troops to go to the Centcom area of responsibility. I think that there's a lot of concern in the Pentagon about what we're seeing over there. Particularly these mines that were found on these cargo ships in the Pentagon said that there is an high level of central danger and risk, and that we need to have these troops there to protect us safeguards from anything that the Iranian regime might try to pull off, and then, of course, in addition to the troops Travis, there's also the aircraft carrier group that was sent there recently does the Pentagon feel like they have enough assets. They're given the current threat level. Well, they've increased the troop level twice now. So I mean it really depends on what we see. I mean if we see more activity from the Iranians. I you know, I could imagine that we could see more troops headed that way. I think at this point to its is a very risky situation, something we're watching very very closely. And there, there could potentially be an escalation, but a lot of this depends on what Ron does and actions that they take, and I think everything that they do is going to be under a microscope, so that he's going to have to see. Mcchrystal was with us about an hour to half ago. And he course, with great grace, dodged, the usual questions on the Pentagon. I don't want you to dodge him. Where's the Pentagon Trump military projection? They're invisible. What's, what's the what's the tone you report? Right. I mean, we had secretary Mattis, who is very strong. Charismatic leader over here, and, you know, he didn't counter contradict the president in public. But from everything we know behind the scenes, he did slow roll some of these initiatives, and he did stand up to, to the White House, and that was the feeling over here. Mattis left and his deputy took over Patrick Shanahan. I think you saw the pendulum swing far in the other direction. And I think what people feel like as Shanahan you have a more of a yes, man, who's in charge who's very interested in getting a gig, fulltime, and is willing more willing to accept what the White House wants and to allow the White House to have its role in the Pentagon. You know, we've, you know we've seen. But how do the controversy? Will said, but how do generals respond how to admirals respond to a White House, quote unquote more engaged with the Pentagon? Well, they're not gonna say anything publicly obvious. But that's why we're talking to you. Right. Right. Then we've seen this bubbling up right through, you know, Nana, sourcing, anonymous reporting that there is consternation that there is on obviously among the Pentagon brass that the White House civilians over, there are sticking their fingers into the Pentagon business and getting involved in ways that people feel an appropriate. Travis trittin. Thank you so much greatly greatly greatly appreciated with many years covering the Pentagon, that's the first clear, comment, I've heard. And again, that's reporting Trittin that is opinion. But there's like, what does what do our officers and our sailors, our soldiers actually think exactly there's you'd like to think that there's a respect for the chain of command in, which is so important in the Pentagon in the military, so extent that they feel like the executive branch is kind of an interesting upon their sovereignty a little bit in terms of the decision making sure that's that will be, you know, certainly a challenge for a lot of the leadership in the Pentagon. Stasis futures at yields. I'll tell you one change in a moment. This off the draggy bombshell, equities up as a Punchbowl refilled fishes of seventeen she's up one forty two yields are in, in there sitting where they are. They're not grinding lower one point eight one percent on the two year. The ten year olds another bout down. I stand corrected death seven basis points, two point zero three on the tenure in what's really important is we just seen a touch of yen's drinks, one zero eight twenty to stay with us to the morning. This is Bloomberg. Let's get national headlines right now with Michael Barr. Michael, thank you very much bowl. Hong Kong's leader apologized today, for popular extradition, Bill, that drew massive protests and indicated that it will not be revived during the current legislative session, but chief executive Carrie lamb did not formally retract. The legislation lamb also says she hopes to finish your term President Trump tweeted last night, that is will kick off mass arrests against immigrants who are in the US illegally as soon as next week. President Trump along with vice President Mike Pence will be in Orlando, Florida tonight to officially kick off their reelection campaign about twenty thousand people will be inside the way center for the rally with thousands watching on screens outside, global news twenty four hours a day on air, and it tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred.

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