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Huge strides in battery technology for storing large amounts of energy in a small space, which is grateful electric 'cause but also great having a reservoir energy in your own home, the generated from rooftop solar panels all Moore wind up, and I haven't conceive that read he's onto takeoff in the coming years. You know, we're talking about going to Mars, there's some people who don't wanna do anything on Mars. Just wanna study it in look for life in not touch it. I'm not one of those people I want. I I want to build a new world I want to build a new branch of human civilization, like a different problem from rebuilding our own world after some kind of hypothetical collapse. But could you give us some direction, you know, on the Martian question where do we begin? Yes. So I mean, it is a different problem. But also similar mentioned. I chaps knowledge. How Roldan rebooting often poke lips exactly the same lessons could be applied to starting from scratch on on new world. If you find yourself on mazal crash lands on version earth on as well, something I've been talking with mass engineers about exactly that the how we could adapt aerial and all the research good since the knowledge into looking to self sustaining colonies on Mars because the key issue is sending astronauts Tamaz columnists Tamaz with a set of equipment, and tools and also the knowledge that is all interlinked. So let's you send him with a hundred bits of -ment and within that set of a hundred it enables you to repay each of them all rebuild spat hawks as you need them. So it's again, it's one was not an ecosystem on different things interact and rely on each other. And Khanin reproduce. When it comes to growing company starting second. Call from the first one and most is all the same basic resources as the F does metals in its crust ecus melt Martian all getting like ion out of it. The environment is quite hostile extreme even be able to breathe on Cessnas without a spacesuit. But it's the rule. Materials is go oxygen locked up in the water in the ice on the ground. So you could dig up that poma froth and news electrolysis using at trinity to split water to make auction for breathing and hydrogen. You could use a rocket fuel is carbon dioxide he could use chemistry to making to me thing. You could also uses fuel. So the bit of ingenuity and thinking through that process of gun right back to basics employees south. Byron bootstraps is easy posible. The we can have self sustaining Kony's on MAs. The dumber lines. Have you on earth too? Apply it with food or span Postle aerials. You have to decide where we begin. I we have the eco-system of tools that sustain themselves and replicate themselves, but from there from the tools, what are the next crucial elements that we have to hammer down before we can move onto the task of building a civilization in this really good computer games that you can play in the cheat to buy that explore executive of you just lands on Mars. We've once most shit. How'd you go of building a colony this vives, and it's all about results balancing on major respond things vary and problems and crises come up and making sure the generates electricity. So that you can then make enough oxygen from the water the mind and also use the energy'd stall smelting, the rocks to make more massive yourself that you can then build a larger habitat and create new modules yourself, and there will. Growing population whilst making sure grubbing enough food everyone using all to the extracting same time. I know you'll creating is almost like the time planet earth itself shrunken down into a very small too small pocket, but you still got to balance all of the same things against each other. I have really there's one more quick question. I've been asking everybody you have background Nassar biology. So you've definitely thought about this question before I'm certain Burmese paradox. What is your answer to the paradox? So I think the simplest ons to talks is. It's just that is no one else out that I think this is what I thought I had this crazy insight into this question. That's what I've been thinking for about a year now, and every person I interview recently like, yeah, it's just it's not even a paradox. Occasion occasions. Just bullshit. Yes. Drakes equation Poudel a related book on different things and uninventive strikes. Acquaintance was never intended to come up with an onset with a number. It was just a way exact same way that the knowledge of breaking down every big complicated thing into simple bite size chunks. You can address them by one and trying to understand. And I think he wants to fund his products as as the isn't anyone else out that least not now I'm not in our own galaxy, and it seems like a lot of real estate out in the Milky Way with Astro biology all hunts for extra planets. It seems like lots of wet rocks orbiting wom- stars with the right kind of chemistry and an apse fair and oceans and things like get started. So maybe the constraints the stocking multi of intelligence validation popping up in the galaxy is a bond logical constraint rather than something to planet. Soul stars motive might be our own Evelyn is the creation of at eukaryotic cell. The cell is more complicated than the bacterium and one has its own nucleus and lots of internal structure and organization because rolling history need that kind of most fisted, Sal before you can stop building multicellular life animals animals with brains. The come intelligence in conversation with you design, spaceships and radio tennis games. I'm an extra biologist. So clearly, I think there's a good chance of life on other planets with us MAs. We wrote in our own solar system all exit planets like planets

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