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It was strictly a quote, right? This is not coming from me directly. For further information. Please send to care of Sidney Crosby. Goal harbour Nova Scotia. So the Avs SU and on the power play last night in Nashville sands Tyson Barrie will go on the man advantage with the first opportunity here tonight, taking me face alpha, b Riley Sheahan against girls Soderbergh. Check that it's not going to be Alexander Kerr foot as sort of bird gets chased yet. Again from the face off circle. The puck is down. It's one by the ads, but again, not satisfactory and face faceoffs just aren't how they used to be in the National Hockey League. Her foot and Sheehan. The drawn to the right, Chris and Jerry one by the ads back to the point picking it up. His Eric Johnson. Nearside high slot now for JT come from the Parsi big line through the penalty. So the second unit is out there to start things off with the Colorado Avalanche. You Soderbergh centering tribe blocks wide and now penalty coming up on Alexander Kirk what he's he got the stick by believe on Jack Johnson. And that is a short-lived power play where the Colorado Avalanche and not the best penalty to take. If your Alexander Kirkwood tracking for blood. Two or four and with the results who's usually neighbor. So it's just a to not a four no blood was detected and the penalty lasted nineteen seconds for the Colorado Avalanche. Now, we're four on four for the next minute and forty one I've always questioned that penalty because some guys have like leather for skin. So you.

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