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You could call me next summer dummy. It's cooling. All right, Take care girl. I have to get you to buy. But it's 7 45 in this Saturday morning, October 24th a big 10 Saturday and the next segment of the home An appliance show is brought to you by protect environmental when it comes to raid on and raid on re mediation. You want to make sure you're dealing with somebody? That's honest. I saw a sign the other day, it said Raid honoree mediation with the full number Never heard of tell you something pro tech environmental has been in business for years. I've taken care of thousands of customers, including Joe Gavin, his neighbor, his friends, etcetera all the way down the line. They do it the way it's supposed to be done, and it meets all Coates call 888. Mr Raid on That's 888677 23 66. We are the home in a plant show. We're going until eight o'clock this morning. I am happy to be helping out. I am Donald Hammer Schuster, and we're just moments away from the next segment of the home. An appliance CEO with consumer advocate and appliance, Dr Joe Gannon. On Newstalk 7 60 W. J. R. Thiss fall warm up with two new buddies. Pizzas feel the heat with the buffalo chicken pizza topped with marinated chicken, onions and our motor city cheese blend. Served with a hot sauce. Drizzle and made for dipping. And nobody's homemade ranch or blue cheese dressings then.

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