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And Dex. Actually, gods is towards making decisions on Where we find historically marginalized populations. There's an indoor vaccination location here and outdoor drive through one as well, along with freezers on site where the visor vaccines are held until they're thought out in a fridge here, mixed on site they must be with in people's arms in six hours, Lisa Thanks, Jessica. A big tech rebound revving up the markets. The NASDAQ right now is up nearly 500 points. America's listening to Fox News. This report is sponsored by the out kick the coverage podcast. Staying connected continues with 1061 FM Talk three P.m. This afternoon we'll get our next cove in 19 Update from Governor Roy Cooper and the Department of Health and Human Services. Nearly three million vaccine doses have been distributed 94% of what's been sent to the states so far. Trails remain closed around the lake, Brandt Marina and Greensboro after multiple coyote attacks over the weekend, Guilford County Animal Control and the North Carolina Wildlife Resource is commission are working to trap the animals. Dozens of KKK flyers were showing up around Iredell County, Wsoc TV and Charlotte is reporting flyers were left at home after the county voted this month to remove the Confederate monument from outside the courthouse In Statesville, the target of the Flyers appears to be people who were in support of the removal. In what's being described as a win for transgender Children. The state is allowing students to change their names. Richard Stelling reports North Carolina's public school students will soon be able to use a preferred name on most school forms. The Department of Instruction is adding a preferred name option.

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