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This is our american stories and we're continuing our conversation with charlie spellers author of confessions of an undercover agent adventures close calls and the toll of a double life now let's get straight to one of the best stories in the book and it's about a woman and a woman very close to you talk about her smile undercover partner with mississippi bureau of narcotics neil sheehan worked together under covering jackson pretended to be mississippi pretended to be a couple infiltrate heroin trafficking rings when we were finished i went down to the gulf coast and started grabbing a taxicab in as a cover campbell trait range down that way she went to south mississippi while she was in south mississippi in agent in north mississippi sarah to come and join him to do a heroin by bust a four ounces of heroin so sarah drove up to columbus mississippi met the agent and they drug dealer had the heroin dealer told agent book drive outside of columbus on this narrow two lane rogue drive about twelve or fifteen miles until you see my car parked on the shoulder of the road and when you see my car you park on the other shoulder of the road and we'll do the deal in the middle of the road and don't worry don't worry there are no houses round hardly anyone uses the road in level there for a mile or two in both directions if anybody other cars on the road we'll see them in plenty of time you know so it's like being on.

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