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Motech money continues as Frank Motech business and civic leaders gathered to celebrate the economy of the San Gabriel valley at the San Gabriel valley economic partnership annual awards gala among them democratic southern California congresswoman Judy CHU represents the area. Congresswomen thank you very much for coming the line this weekend. I recently spoke with President Trump's top trade adviser on this program about. U S, China trade. So I want to ask you about that also the Alameda east project was dedicated this past week and other big story. I give us your view of how the economy is looking there in the San Gabriel valley these days. Well, I am so proud that I represent the San Gabriel valley. It is the economic engine for this whole, Los Angeles County. And in fact, if it were a county by itself, the San Gabriel valley would be the seventh largest in California. We have the headquarters of many fortune five hundred company, and they have their offices are plants here. I Addison Miller's Jacobs engineering as well as Kaiser Permanente cafe thing. Oh, and of course, who could forget wife on foods which produces Saracho sauce, which is used all over the world. But we also have so many small businesses that are a success here. And there are many who've come here. Air as immigrants with very little but have been able to build a small business here. And that is what has created the vibrancy of the Sankara valid because we have so many people from so many different cultures that I share their food, and and their products with us and share it with the rest of the world. And of course, a very large Chinese American population. You yourself most notably are the first Chinese American woman to be elected to congress. And if you've been following the trade story, very very closely. Give us your view what's happening on the the US China trade front. Well, yes, I am a member of the ways and means committee and trade is under our purview. I am very concerned about the increase in the trade tariffs already. There have been fifty billion dollars worth of trade tariffs that President Trump has imposed. And now he's enlarging this to two hundred billion dollars more. I am. I'm very concerned about this causing a trade war. If there is a trade war. I think that many could suffer particularly those that are here in the San Gabriel valley, I've heard stories from so many of them who have said that even though they may have their headquarters here or there are in the services here. They get some of their parts from China and having a twenty five percent terrorists would hurt them. So if there is a trade war, I'm concerned about its consequences to our businesses here as well as the American consumer, and we see an article in the Wall Street Journal this week saying that China has hit a record low investment growth as China battles to slow down. And certainly they've imposed curbs on investing here among the people you talk to in the business community, especially in real estate. How's this impacting things in the area? I do see a slow. Showdown. I I've seen that there is less investment from China in these projects. And in fact, there are certain projects that have actually stopped right in the middle of their building as the owners of these projects search for more funds. So this is having an impact on our area. I think that we need to instead continue the kind of vigorous investments that we've had on both sides of the ocean. So that our economy can prosper another important economic. Sorry. We wanted to talk about which hasn't gotten much attention as the expansion of the Alameda east trench, right? They had a big ceremony this past week and tell us about the importance of that expansion. This has been many decades coming it's an incredible accomplishment. And what it is is it before when trains went through the mission district of San Gabriel cars had to wait for. So many minutes between ten to twenty minutes as a very very long train would go through the town. But with the San Gabriel trench project. The train is now separated from the surface, traffic and cars can go straight through. This is so wonderful because there are no more train vehicle collisions and locomotive for noise. Also. Because of the trench walls are trained noise is reduced and because vehicles are no longer stuck I dealing our air quality has improved, but it was a very complicated process. It was a very costly project, and it could only have been accomplished if all the partners got together to contribute funds to make this happen. The state and local partners all worked together. And I'm very very proud that our federal government also contributed funds to this project, southern California congresswoman, Judy CHU, democrat, representing the San. Gabriel valley again. Thank you very much for joining us here this weekend. So much Frank coming up a preview the week ahead on the business scene. More straight ahead on Motech.

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