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Ninety minute walk east. I couldn't find an exact time, my guess is it would be sometime that morning they'd make this walk. It's about an hour and a half walk there there. Now this new spot and they've set up camp. They've spent the day setting up their camp, right? This is the time where we're relaxing were chilling out. The kids are playing, you know, there's no work to do. We're just going to hang out and chill. The kids are playing this hide and seek game running in and out of the woods running around having a good old time. Now they come up with this idea to kind of prank the the parents. But what's we. Weird and one thing that I can't like get over like when we cover cases and there's those moments where you wonder, if if other people feel guilty about something or if somebody second guesses, one of their own personal actions for the rest of their lives. The moment for me is this, we have four boys, three of them decide to hide together and an area and one boy, he's only six Dennis's only six. He's hiding by himself. Now from what I could find captain, it seems like. Dennis was wearing a, we know that Dennis was wearing a red shirt and what it seems like is that one or all of the other boys had suggested that Dennis go hide by himself because he could be easily spotted with his bright red shirt in that area. So he's off hiding by himself. These other three boys are all together. They jump out and it's like, you know, at first is probably like, oh, you got me, and then you kind of wait and you wait and wait. You know, where's Dennis Wise? He not with you guys. And then the boys are saying, hey, he went over that way and he hit by himself. And Now Dan and grandpa are out walking around calling for Dennis's name you. You know how it is. You just explained it right there, but when you call out your child's name when you screaming, hey, you know, you expect him to come running out or at least hear him call back to you on. Like I said, there's multiple reports that say that Dennison. His father saw him go into the woods, kind of watched where he's going to go. Hi, that's where he's going to go hide. Then obviously, because they're playing a game, you pull your eyes off of him. Brian, I guarantee you that he sees that image of his son going into the woods over and over and over and his mind. Well, and you never think you never would expect to look away just for seconds, maybe a minute or two, and then they're gone by. And so let's walk through this because the official search would begin Saturday, June fourteenth at approximately eight thirty pm. This is after the grandfather notifies the Park Rangers that, hey, my grandsons missing, and we've been looking for him me and his father as well as other people, and we can't find him. And obviously they have some things working against them because of the time this took place didn't have cell phones to make calls. I don't even know if cellphones will work there now, but some. I'm way to alert people and stay in the area and have you know the dad, the grandfather, the kids searching why they have helped coming to find, you know, help find this kid. So from the the start of this search at eight thirty, we have three Rangers from cades cove. There are checking trails to and from cades cove all the way out to Spence field and anybody that they come across a long their way. They're going to, you know, some have said interrogate some say question, whatever, right? But any hikers or anybody that they pass on these trails, they're going to ask them, hey, have you seen a boy? What have you been doing? Where were you at this time? So on and so forth. And this produces Adam, this produces nothing. Now, the other thing we have to keep in mind though is there's a heavy rainstorm and when I say heavy rainstorm I mean two and a half inches of rain fell. And this occurred at dark all the stream. Became very high..

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