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You can't find it. I need to go in a better direction. I think so, but but to see the meditation doesn't cure you. Lead you to guard. Say that meditation that I teach or show you teaches us to be so and and disconnect from your brain, the soul must be disconnected. In some way. So that because as long as you're angry, you're so is is entangled with your brain. And so you're part animal and park human. But but the more nicer, you are the worse. A woman is because she sees your weakness and she wants to see a real strength. That's what a woman wants gentle strength, gentle strength can only come from the law in you. Jesus nature. It's no has no emotion. If you have emotion, you can be manipulated. But you can't you can't make me upset because if you try to upset me you'll get upset trying to upset me. And I win. Meaning I don't get upset. I don't pay. I'm not going to get upset because I know if I get it set. I belong to the person who accepts me. Whether it's pseudo good or evil bad. Pseudo. Good is just as bad as pseudo back at both wrong. You're going to die from this. You gotta get rid of the extension of your mother. You're not a man if you extension of your mother. She she must be the extension of you. And you must be extension of the crater be still and know be still the secret of the seven minute meditation is to bring you to that. But not to teach you any Chris any Christianity or any kind of religion. All I want you to disconnect. Meditation seven-minute station is simply causing you soul. Entangled with the brain. So that everything on the outside will control you make you crazy and drive into you all the worst things. And spike, you struggle, which never help you at all and compound every problem ever may. I say. I'm too much thought into it all and yes. What you need is is to be still and the way it'd be still is. Teaching you. I don't want you to do anything or toll of myself. I can do nothing you can do nothing and you have to realize it of yourself, you could nothing and so you wait for something. And so you must know that you this extension of a person because she's difficult. She's difficult Trump sets when you upset she owns you. And all the hell that's ever loss comes through me eve through all the generations. Women are waiting for a man that Samak and man who sets. All lead to subtle subtle feelings of fear anxiety. Exactly, you cannot fix it yourself. You cannot fix yourself. You didn't make yourself. God created the first man, and you are the extension of that upside down meaning eve controls men and then go to women for love. And so that's a big mistake. But men love it. And they they think that love is last don't they don't realize that love is last. Now there is quite right way to have sex as a right way to deal with your children. But it must not be any secret emotion. Secret or. Outs, right emotion. Children can see it. Your wife concede that you a weak person. You're an appeaser you are in a piece of two women that is going to.

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