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I'm Marker Woman. This is the world It is good to have you with us today. While President Trump digs his heels in challenging election results, the declared winner is getting on with the business of planning his presidency, including how he'll tackle US immigration policy. I'm day one. I'm going to send a legislative immigration reform bill to Congress. Provide a roadmap to citizenship from 11 million undocumented immigrants that was candidate Joe Biden in June. The world's immigration editor, Monica Campbell, joins made to look at what a president Joe Biden could have in the works. Monica President Trump again. His administration by limiting immigration in broad strokes remind us what was enacted under Trump and how Biden when he becomes president is expected to respond. What can he do or undo by executive order? Well right out of the gate. The expectation is that they'll bring forward legislation to Congress to try and push forward a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented people in the United States. It's something that Obama tried to do fail to Dio. And Biden will try again. It's going to be a huge challenge divided Congress and Senate so the pressure will be intense to move fast, quickly, boldly. And we'll hear plenty of people like Jose Munoz House who is a leader with United. We Dream, a national immigrant rights organization. People like Jose saying by then you better deliver young people latte next people first time voters. They came out in historic numbers to really, really help deliver. A key victory for Joe Biden. They showed up. There is a mandate for abiding administration to deliver bull progressive change on some of these issues right And so people like Jose, many people who organized to bring out especially in people from the Latino community to vote for bite into back, Biden. You're gonna want to see those efforts rewarded. What about the cap on refugee admission to the US Monica, like the numbers were high under Obama Historic low, though under Trump combined and just change the cap on day one. He can change the cop and he will do so, he said, and that he will raise that cap to about 125,000. And that's something that, of course, can't happen overnight because Resettlement agencies here in the United States. They had the layoff People close up offices. It's going to take time to restore that program, but that's something that bite and pledges to dio. Also, there's a range of possibilities of what Biden will be able to achieve in his first days. What could happen between Biden's first day and say, 100 days into his presidency? What will see right out of the gate or the things that President Biden Khun do by executive action. So, for example, lifting the various travel bans lifting the program that requires asylum seekers of the U. S Mexico border to remain in Mexico while their court cases play out in the United States. That's something that he can unwind immediately. There are many things that he could do by a presidential proclamation executive order including restoring the doc a program, which allows people who came to the United States as young Children, Tio have a work permit and not fear, deportation as much that, so there's a lot on the executive order front. We talk Monica about immigration policy as a concept, But you've been speaking with undocumented immigrants themselves who have a lot of steak here. What are you hearing? I'm hearing a lot of relief, especially from people who perhaps came here is young Children or have been living in the United States for many years and perhaps, or on the radar of immigration officials. You could say you know what? Under Trump, you are eligible for deportation. One person. I spoke with Marco and somebody I've been touched with all year Is this young man? His name's Julio. And he lives in Wisconsin. He's in his twenties, and we're only using his first name because in December he got a D y. And because he's undocumented that puts him on the radar for immigration agents for deportation. You know, ice could come to his door any time, pick him up and put him in detention center. I talked to him this week and This is what he said. This is a little bit of our conversation. I've been staying in safe places moving around to stay low, So I'm definitely limited. And so what? I could do your laying low and the inauguration might be a date of relief for you. In some ways, perhaps Definitely a day of relief as Muchas I I want to criticize Biden and Democrats. I am still somebody who you know, has a left leaning view of the world. I appreciate that We're going to get a fascist out of the office and we're gonna have somebody who can. Who's going to actually listen to us, and hopefully it'll be able T push for these changes that he says he's going to do. Well, that speaks volumes. Inauguration Day a day of relief, Monica What can President Trump still do between now and the 20th of January? He certainly can't do what he wanted to in a second term. But there's still plenty of under the radar tweaks and changes through the rules and regulations of the immigration system. There's going to be a lot of vigilance over the next few weeks over what the administration will want to try and accomplish on immigration, its signature issue. Until the day it exits. The world's immigration at it. Er Monica Campbell. Thank you very much. You're welcome. European Union regulators air blowing a whistle on Amazon, They say the e commerce giant is illegally boxing out the competition. The European Commission today filed antitrust charges against Amazon and accused of using independent sellers data to gain an unfair advantage over smaller retailers. Mazo. Valenti is a former European Commission economist who has been part of lawsuits and investigations that targeted the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon. Valenti says the latest U lawsuit pursues two lines of investigation. The first focuses on the so called by box displayed prominently on Amazon's websites that feature that shows you select products and makes purchases. Extra easy. Here's reality. Amazon may put in to buy books products..

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