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Acura RDX done Acura one hundred three he continues feeling like one ten hotter in spots this afternoon heat advisory in effect won a one the official forecast high still that slight risk of a shower thunderstorm we'll keep that shower thunderstorm chance tonight seventy nine Thursday Friday sunshine with a few clouds hovering around one hundred degrees more dry heat right through the upcoming weekend I mean urologist restated the weather channel and San Antonio's official weather station news radio twelve hundred W. away I under partly cloudy skies it's now one hundred one degrees and it's three oh one it news radio twelve hundred W. O. A. I'd Hey bear county sheriff's deputy is under arrest after being indicted on a charge of making a terroristic threat the grand juries of twenty nine year old that duty and went over and said it was an argument at a bar with a security guard tried to escort him out see bragged he was a deputy and would shoot up the bar he's been on administrative leave since the incident he's now in line to be terminated the acting DHS secretary says an attack on the San Antonio ice facility is very concerning Kevin McLean and says it's clear the shooter or shooters and knew what they were doing when they fired shots of the building and they need to be caught I really appreciate the quick response of the FBI the state locals are gonna be investigating this but we got it we gotta find this perpetrator we've got a insure that this can't happen again ice in the F. B. I. continue to investigate along with San Antonio authorities I won money is used in the movies it is a real money because insurance companies won't insure it to but movie money is not legal tender.

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RDX, Acura, Official discussed on Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity 10 months ago

They call it San Antonio Spurs news I call it

Joe Pags 1 d ago