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Is so much being said right now about the incoming administrations communication seem to also celebrate. Especially on this podcast. Is that two of the seven names that been announced so far are queer. Airspeed towbar and corinne jean pierre. We're going to have to queer women of color in the white house and leadership positions acting as the face and voice of our government. It's wild that think about and for that reason. I wanted to bring you this interview. That i did with corinne that originally aired on a luminary app. We spoke almost exactly a year ago. When corinn's book moving forward was first published. The message of book is that all of us no matter what you might think of as a typical background or story for politician. All of us have a police in politics. If corinne jean-pierre a queer woman of color who immigrated to the us as a kid can make it in politics. She says so can you. When we spoke corinne was also appearing as a political analyst on nbc and msnbc. So you'll hear talk about that. As well as what she learned working for a wide wide wide array of politicians including john edwards anthony weiner and of course resident barack obama from the advocate magazine and partnership glad. I'm jeffrey masters. And this is lgbtq. And here's shop. Thank you for having me. Of course excited thank you. Let's jump in right that your story is not the typical political story. You're immigrant you're a woman or one of color you're a and that is not what we typically see in politics. Yeah and yet. I think it's easy to soon. That's changing with high profile examples. Like alexandria ocasio cortez omar and yet. Those are very much outliers right. Yes nor it is the norm and and like you were saying. I walk in so many different communities if you will like i present so many different communities and that was one of the parts of writing this book i wanted to. I think people get really afraid when a here politics and getting into politics or getting involved and so that's one part of it and they think the other part of it is that people always ask me even young people. They ask me all the time. I teach at columbia university. So i have young people taking my class yearly. And they say how did you get here. How did you get into the white house. Like how did you work in politics and get a different presidentials. So the purpose of the book is also to show. There's not one path and also as a person of color gay person a woman an immigrant. I wanted to show people who are all. Those things are one of those things like. Hey you know she did it. I can do it too. So i lay that out in a very detailed way. You know as an immigrant. I grew up being told. Oh you're going to be one of those three professions doctor lawyer or engineer. And that's i think anybody who's listening in. I grew up in an immigrant. Family could understand that and that didn't work out. I talk about that in the book. And then i talk about. I didn't get into politics until my mid twenties. And so but you're right. there's representation matters and there's not a lot of representation. Even now there are like aol see as you just mentioned others kind of outliers. It's still a very small percentage of women of color of people from different identities that are more diverse that's in the political arena. So the hope is that can encourage inspire people to not be afraid of the word politics <hes>. And to just get involved because the way you make change is if you get involved you're yourself and you know watching tv even though you don't mention being gay every time it is a part. It is no secret nearly no. I've been out for a long long time. Yeah and i think that's something that is easy to see about you. Bring that up because i. I think there's a tension between you bring. Being gay does not need to come up in every conversations right. Yeah and yet. I think it so powerful to know that there is escape on tv. Like i also want you to for. He never really. I'm so glad you brought that up. Because i think about that sometimes because i'm like i'm out. It's not hard to know that. I'm that i'm out. I talk about my daughter. I talk about my partner in interviews. And it's out there but i don't lead with that you know it's like it's part of my multiple identities. I have multiple identities at so. It's a very interesting kind of way to be in the space and it's actually kind of funny when people are like. I didn't know you were gay. And i'm like how do you not know i'm gay. I've been out for a long time the like. Wow and so it's just. It's funny. But i am aware of it. I am conscious of it. I want to respect all of said all of the communities i represent in. Were you to bring it up every episode out. Say like oh my god. She brings every time he was like. What's wrong receiver. Don't bring up at like one like she didn't bring yeah. It's like you. Yeah yeah it's over. I don't know how people like majority of people feel about it. But i i just want to lead with my experience and kind of my smart. There's a reason at this table and everything else just complements me.

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