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The Kelly brothers. We go at Cap trust. Talk a little bit of money used for the first time on this Thursday morning. Good morning, sir. Hey, good morning to you as well and a lot of data for the markets and digesting not just the president's speech yesterday, not just the Fed leaving things right where they are, but you have the GDP number out for the first quarter. 6.4% growth in the economy annual ized in the first quarter, and the expectation is that's going to be a higher number for the second quarter of this year. On bill see how that pans out. But some estimates are putting the second quarter number of 9 to 10% on an annual eyes basis, so the economy is growing. And that hopefully will continue. New York City announcing they're gonna 100% reopen as of July. 1st not unlike the announcement we got from the governor that he expects California will reopen as of June 15th that all the color coding will go away. So we'll see if that holds. We also have initial jobless claims out this morning again. Lower, lower again Lowest number of the pandemic 553,000 people filed for unemployment Again. That's not that's not a great number. That's why the Fed is keeping their foot on the gas. They want that number to be about half that before they start toe let things start to rise in terms of interest rates once again. Check the real time numbers, Shall we? This comes after blowout earnings that we haven't even mentioned from companies like Apple and Facebook Yesterday. Dallas Down 1 64 yesterday it'll open up by about the same right off the opening bell today will open to 8 33,020. NASDAQ and S and P Both were a little over yesterday and will open higher today. Gold Down one Oil is up 2.3% this morning about 65 Bucks a barrel 10 year bond yield 1.67 Thank you. Kelly, do appreciate it. We've got a new audio clip fresh to roll out in the six o'clock hour. Right now, This is a Jen Psaki this morning on CNN, talking about the Bidens administration's inability to sway vaccine hasn't hesitancy among some conservatives. She was asked if the Biden administration to reach out to Donald Trump for help. And here's how she responded to that question. You do really need conservative Americans who are disproportionately skeptical of this vaccine to taking would having trump say Look, you need to talk to your local doctor. You need to talk. To your faith leader.

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