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This afternoon. Light showers returned tonight. But in the form of rain across the low lands and the coma, Weather Center meteorologist Kristen Clarke had light rain in downtown Seattle. It's 37 right now in Cobo News time. 7 37. There were 135 initial positive Corona virus test results of on workers at a Seattle own seafood processing plant. Then the illusion islands of Alaska would get more from Cuomo's Eric Heights, Alaska. State health officials say testing and other medical supplies have been sent to the Trident seafoods processing plant. Evacuations by ship have been carried out for some employees, most of risk. See how to be strident, has some 700 workers at the facility and plan to bring in some 700 additional workers for the peak winter harvest season. The sale time supports. As of Tuesday, 307 workers at the plant had been tested with 103 5 testing positive our rate of almost 44%. Our Kite's coma. New research from the Centers for Disease Control says it's safe to bring kids back into the classrooms. Still, many teachers unions are resisting the return. They say they all need the vaccine before they'll feel safe more from Kemal's Carleen Johnson, the CDC studied 17 K through 12 schools in Wisconsin and found minimal spread of the virus among students in classrooms and no virus spread among teachers and staff. So long as everyone wore a mask and classes were kept small with desks far apart. I see that there are a lot of studies that contradict that is John Larson, president of the Oregon Education Association. He disagrees and says they can't go back completely safely without every protocol and all staff. Having the covert vaccine Monday was the first day teachers in Oregon could get vaccinated. Here in Washington. Teachers over the age of 50 can get the vaccine now. But younger educators will have to wait a few months unless the health Department changes plans, the state teacher's Union says. Until all teachers have the shot, they won't support a return to classrooms. Carleen Johnson Come on news, the local black lives matter. Protest movement from last year has birthed a lasting legacy. Ah, full blown lobbying organization with its own legislative agenda. Almost Corwin Hank explains members of the Washington Black Lives matter. Alliance described Our new organization as a broad push to address equity across society, and we're moving the power and the protest this year forward to Olympia Deante Damper is with the Alliance steering committee tasked with backing bills that advanced police reform and other equity issues. We're not asking for a feat of the table, we're building our own. The effort already has yielded results, notably the introduction of House Bill 10 54 to ban police use of chokeholds tear gas and no knock warrants. Sikora, Remmy says. There's much more to do, protect and invest in black expression, arts and culture, restore voting rights or incarcerated persons in Washington state and be criminalized low level drug charges. The alliance enjoys support in Olympia from, among others, state senators Jamie Peterson and Market Dhingra. And state representative Jesse Johnson. Corwin. Hey CO Moh news. Two minute from now we'll find out what the winning answer was in our daily trivia contest. Does anybody want breakfast? Guys. Let's go. Later for McDonald's in five seconds. Why more that breakfast Stampede meal? It's only a.

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