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In Bubbly all that stuff happened to The book and this is not a book where i'm taking a victory lap. It's not me saying hey look at me. I'm awesome Everything is awesome. It's not that this is about like reality of peeling baghdad on and looking at somebody from the outside as offered out. because that's that's what it is. A fancy suits on online sitting gray seats at games run multiple sports organizations. I've got live beautiful neighborhood. I got this amazing wife for twenty five years but guess what how about. Get your face caked in repeatedly and what you learn when you get your face kicked in your face is that they're always amazing lessons to learn and and that's what joy is. That's where the people you meet. That's where families form. That's how you get strengthen grow that's how you learn. That's that's why trust process import is like you know the fake veneer If you compete behind the curtain you see. Everybody has that crap in less and it's messy is okay and i want everyone to know that it is okay and that you can get through it now. He'd get through it which you're gonna learn grow and that mountain you're climate. I got tell you like it's the wrong. Analogy is is the client of the top of the mountain. Everyone gets no. And i think it's important to point out and i'm glad you did as you were going through kind of all of these things. He's challenges that people face in life that these were your challenges that this book is not as you say a victory lap. This is whatever success people see and scott meal. Ceo of the sixers and harris blitzer. You've been through some stuff professionally and personally and you're you're very open about it very raw in this book. And i think that that's the lessons are obviously grounded in your your own experience and and it and it has been. It's been obviously pretty tough. So i want to emphasize that because i think people if they look at it as a book like this is just one of those motivational books or some. Ceo's going try telling me how to live my life like no folks scott's been through some shit okay. He's he's he's seen a lot. Yes i can. I on this podcast. I apologize but anyway And i think there's a lot of stuff in there and so. I think this is not just for people who are mba's or ceo's teacher musician writer. Whatever i do think there are great. Just kind of life lessons in here for everyone are there. Do you think some of these because you are writing this from the perspective of a business person. Are there some that you think are the most universal that you find that your friends who are in other walks of life relate to the most. Yeah yeah. I mean what i've heard from When you read a book you know it is pretty humbly. I mean especially if you put out there you know is raw in humbling. So the first thing you know you you try to avoid is like the month thing because my mom takes up amazing. I promise you she. She described person. Who wrote my bio for that. They send you for its cost. So it's like you know. And and i love my mom. She loves this book and she thinks genius. I've gotten a note from trainers Credit pretty amazing Literally sweating level company to said like your audio book. I was driving from wherever to idaho. Something he said. I cry into first five hours. Smells like all right. I'm gonna be better father. I'm gonna be better husband and enact that makes it worse. I will say that is that matters. So is there some yet..

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