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Dan, you the wanna look to the Wikipedia page? Yeah. Homes, I don't retain it. Maybe you should. Say a lot of this movie, Ashley Jensen? Yes, she is great. A lot of times people show up here voice. I'm like, is that fucking James? Corden. Over and over already was, was James court. James gordon. Especially when he's when he's did his known pool, carry known. Yeah, James corden not in this film, but it is the kind of, but he was in the emoji movie which we watched. I don't know. We haven't really set up so yet have we doing okay, so get ready. We will. We'll talk about James Gordon and that one true believers face front Excelsior as seen in that mode. That's a story for another time like the giant rat of Sumatra Sherlock Holmes Sherlock gnomes. So Sherlock misses having an enemy now that Moriarty is dead and he clearly doesn't respect Watson. He just doesn't give him any respect turns. I gotta say that Kim believe to stepped on his his brawny Dangerfield over here. Sorry. No. Now we're Rover Dogar 'field. Just Rover Dangerfield. I knew to Rover Dogar pup as you can tell es road. Great. Rodney Dangerfield perte why would I be able to instill that use name has been mangled into comprehensibility. His name is Rover, Dogar Fido. Is that a hardy fire scene character Senator stand. What I was going to say though, sorry about interrupting that, like don't be about his fair play. The original character is. Sort of an arrogant cold man, but he's still likable impart because of his devotion and friendship with Dr Watson, how do you feel about feel like this Charlotte homes is less take on the stories and more take on the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock could be. How do you feel about this understanding of Sherlock Holmes, much the way that every marvel hero like doctor strange now, ironman a a wise ass who is a real fuck up, but he's a hero in the end. Even the characters that shouldn't be like that, like doctor strange. How do you feel about every Sherlock Holmes now being like kind of sociopath, who is mean to other Jonny Lee Miller who's basically old Sheldon old version. Well, that's the second part of my thought. Is that like Glenn, I teed it up. You're welcome. This Sherlock gnomes is so much less likable than Sherlock Holmes because he's such an asshole to his Nome Dr Watson watch. Now there's no..

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